5 photos, 5 stories challenge, part 5


skunk me

purple hair

purple hair

me all aglow

me all aglow



burger me, baby

burger me, baby

Okay, you know me, it’s sooooo hard to follow rules!  I doan wanna!!  <insert whine >

So, I couldn’t make up my mind which pic to tell you about, for my 5th post.

Now, it’s your turn to tell me, which one do you want to know about the most??

(I just now figured out how to change my text colors.  Sheesh, am I thick, or what???)

But now, I can’t find my poll button.    Drats.

What do I do now??  I guess, you’ll have to tell me in your comments, and I’ll have to hand count ’em.  


Yay!! The poll button mysteriously reappeared!     Why does technology hate me????

inspire mon



tips tricks party

two uses tuesday

34 thoughts on “5 photos, 5 stories challenge, part 5

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