Color Correction

Okay, another poll today, kiddies.

Is it annoying to see so many different text colors?

color icon purple

 Do you want me to pick one and stick with it?  This color is labeled “Red Violet”.  I dunno, it looks kinda brownish to me.  (Did I mention I “might” need glasses??)

Dog gone it, that pesky poll button has disappeared again.  Seriously, folks, does that ever happen to y’all while you’re writing a post?  I’m about ready to write my Congressman!  (Or send a sternly worded memo to WP.)  This color is labeled “Purple.”  Okay, I agree with that.

I was going to make a poll about which text color you’d prefer.  Humph  How do you insert a poll, when no such option is offered??  What did I do last time to overcome the WP hiding game????   {whacks self on forehead}  

own poll icon

Ok, so I created my own poll icon. So there, WP!

Think! Think! This color is labeled “Plum.”  Really??  It looks like lavender to me.  But who am I??  Only a purple connoisseur!!

So, if you’d be so kind, tell me in the comments, if it annoys you when I change colors in the post, and which color you prefer as the standard for texts.  Thanks!!  (This one is “Magenta”.)

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43 thoughts on “Color Correction

  1. A woman should never ask a man what colour he prefers (ie dresses, shoes etc.) as she will only turn round and ask, “what’s wrong with the other ones ?”. Oh boy ! lol

    I like the purple one ! *cringe* 😉

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  2. Definitely stick with a dark purple for text. It’s easier for us seniors to read. As far as other colors, I like plum or you could go with a very light lavender backgrounds or some of you text posts. Not crazy about lots of color shifting as I’m easily distracted as it is! But, I’ll read your updates no matter what the page looks like. ZuZu just asked me to put in another plug for happy endings. Roxie says “Hi”. Have a lovely weekend…..Clare

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