Rare Rabbit

No, it’s not rare to SEE a rabbit, at my house, but I’ll get to the rare part in a minute.

There I was minding my own business, actually DOING my dishes for once!  When I look up, and see a rabbit out my kitchen window.

Yes, the real rabbit out my window!

Yes, the real rabbit out my window!

He just sat there, frozen.   (Please don’t burst into song now!!)

I thought, “Well, is he okay?  Is he a little rabbit statue?”

But, he turned his head, and I swear he looked RIGHT at me!  And sat that way for about 5 whole minutes.  Then, he hopped a little way, turned his whole body, and sat THAT way for another 5 minutes.  I was torn between just watching him, enjoying the sight, and running to get the camera(phone).  If only I hadn’t had to stop to get dressed, I’d have made it outside in time to get a Good pic of him!(her??)

(This pic is pretty good, only because I cropped it and blew it up!  It was TINY.)

That wasn’t the rare part, that I wasn’t dressed,it was rare that the rabbit sat still so long!   Have you ever seen a wild hare sit still for 10 minutes??

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81 thoughts on “Rare Rabbit

  1. Wow this is beautiful 🙂 I once had a friend who had rabbit pairs but they were white 🙂 and Don’t know to which species they belong (don’t know whether they were wild or not 😛 ) but the most annoying thing was they use to litter every where 😛 you can’t potty train them like other pets 😉 But I agree to the point that they never sat at one place except when they were resting 🙂

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  2. So cute! Love the pic. We have one that visits us that does that to. It is bizarre. Our little dog that usually barks at rabits, just sits and watches this particular one. And when we get close to it, it does what you said, it just turns and looks at us. Lol. I’ve never seen that before either. In our area they usually run away the second they here a human footstep.

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  3. Impressive!

    When I used to run every morning (before I got the awful plantar fasciitis), I used to see one of these bunnies almost every day at around the same part of my run. The interesting thing was, though, that I swear he raced me every time! He would sit perfectly still long enough for me to go just past him, them he would take off and of course beat me every time. I used to say that he was giving me a head start, but I would always lose. I still loved seeing him every morning, though 🙂

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  4. omg you’re so lucky you can enjoy looking at a rabbit! I’m at my mom’s house at the moment, and our collaborative five dogs won’t ever let us enjoy a moment of our lives if a rabbit comes around! There’s one that visits my mom’s bird feeders every day, and as soon as it enters the yard all hell breaks loose in the house!

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