Charity Chair

I have a gorgeous dining room set.  (Well, it will be once it’s all purple instead of green!)  I love the curves of the legs, and the airiness of the glass top.

dinette chairs(Please ignore all the clutter on the table, it was invisible to me until now.  Just play along, and no one gets hurt, capese?)

But I had a serious problem occur.  One of the chairs broke a leg.  How it did this, when I didn’t even know it went out running, I’ll never know.  Nevertheless, here it is, in it’s sad state.

broken chair leg

Poor thing, needs a cast.

broken dinette chair leg

So very tragic.

I wanted to put it out of its misery, like a horse, but how do you kill a chair??  So, I put it out by the road.  Fortunately, my SIL saw it, and questioned me.  He whisked it away in his ambulance van, and returned it to me the next morning, with its leg whole!  Miraculously, he knew a chair leg doctor that worked for thank yous from a sweet, blonde, (PP) baby.  Welded it up, and good to go!

Thank you SIL!!!!

welded chair leg

Better than new. I DARE it to break now!

Now, it’s on restriction, and forbidden to go out running ever again.  Next time, I’ll tie its feet together.

two uses tuesday

22 thoughts on “Charity Chair

  1. You call that clutter? Girl, you don’t know you’re born! I’ve got a round table a bit like that in my kitchen and there isn’t one spare inch of space left on it! 😉 I’m glad you’ve grounded your errant chair, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. My furniture doesn’t go out running – everything in this house is lazy – but it can be quite vicious at times. The coffee table is always nipping at my knees, the bedpost likes to give me the occasional dig in the thigh, and last summer the footstool broke my toe.

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  2. I absolutely love the curves on the legs also! So glad you got your chair back and didn’t have to euthanize the poor thing.

    …funny, I didn’t notice the was clutter on the table until you said there was clutter on the table,,,hee, hee, hee…says something about me 🙂

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  3. I’ve had this page open on my desktop for nearly 24 hours…..And finally I get to comment. I love your dining room set too. It’s beautiful. It’s awesome that it’s fixed and I’m so proud of you for deciding to ditch it (even though it’s even better that you get to keep it) I admit was confused by your reference to SIL (which I always thought meant sister in law) and then reading he after it. Perhaps you can enlighten me? That AWESOME human being deserves an a medal though.

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  4. That was what sin did to mankind when sin occurred: alienation. The Lord Jesus, the good Samaritan, took care of our wrong standing. When your broken chair came back, like prodigal son, you took it in, nevet to go out of sight again. This is what the Holy Spirit did: brought us back to the Father’s presence, never to be allowed to stray off again. Halleluyah! Thanks for this post, my dear PP.

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