Rewarding Recycling

So proud of myself today!  (Today not necessarily meaning the day you are reading this.  I sometimes outline my posts, and let them simmer.  Sometimes for months on end!)   My recycling was full, and my garbage was empty!!  YAY me!

full recycling bin

“r”ots of recycling!

empty garbage can

Nothing to see here!!

I had challenged myself to see how little trash I could have, while recycling everything I could conceivably put in that blue can.  I love how well I did on this challenge.  It took some work, and creative thinking as to how that bit of string could possibly be a recycled item, (I decided it was recycling because it was made of mineral, not animal or vegetable.  That is HOW you decide, right?  Ask animal, mineral or vegetable??)

Of course, I still hadn’t taken the trash out of all the cans in the house yet, but….

YAY me!!


I’m nominating myself for a Best Recycler Award!!

award ribbon

Recycling Recognition

(Wonder if that comes with any sort of monetary prize??  WEll, since I made it up just now, and I’m broke, I highly doubt it.  Boo hiss!!!)

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