Quilting Quietly

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sewing tutorial.  It’s a photo essay to document my quilting project, for my former sister-in-law.  Hi, Sheryl!  See, I really am working on it!!  (The baby shower is in 7 days, and the quilt has to be done, and WRAPPED by 2 pm.  I totally can do this!  Oh, I did mention this is for my niece’s baby, right?  Oh, you figured it out by it being my former sister-in-law’s daughter’s baby shower?  Oh, okay then.  I’ll just take off my Captain Obvious name tag now.)  The reason I do not claim it as a tutorial is, I don’t feel qualified as an expert.  But, I will be more than happy to show you everything I know.  Just don’t be upset when you get what you paid for!!

I haven’t been able to sew since my wreck in Feb., due to my injuries.  Graciously, Sheryl agreed to cut out the squares, if I’d sew them together.  WE make a great team!

Here goes the pictorial proof of project in process:

already cut quilt squares

Sheryl did all this prep work.

big little squares

Little for the front, big for the back.

cleaning sewing machine

Important step: Clean the machine!

laying out quilt pattern

Laying out the pattern.

Sheryl requested the diagonal patterns.   I can’t wait to finish it!  It’s made of flannel, so in addition to being so pretty, it’s sooo soft for the baby!

making bobbin

Making the bobbin.

pitiful scissors

Pitiful scissors, but can’t find my sewing shears. Why doesn’t that surprise anybody??

singer scissors

But, Look! At least they’re Singer. Right Stella??

sewing in process

Aha! Finally some actual sewing!!

sewing 2 squares together

After sewing 2 squares together, Guess what??

Ya get to sew even more squares together!!!  Yoo hoo!

pink and yellow squares

Can you spare a square?
(Sorry, just HAD to!!)

sewing boo boo

This is what a sewing boo boo looks like. DO NOT ATTEMPT AT HOME.

1 strip done

1 strip, and done. NOT!!
I wish it was a micro quilt!
Not really, JK.

Now that I’ve made my pictorial proof, I need to get back home and sew up a storm!  Baby showers wait for no (wo)man!!

56 thoughts on “Quilting Quietly

  1. Right! (actually I had no idea that singer made scissors) I’m loving those colours. Just looking at all those squares makes my head hurt. Lining them all up to be perfect isn’t fun and I don’t envy you one bit. Maybe I’d be more inclined if someone graciously cut up all the squares for me. Sheryl you are amazing! (Who has to iron all those seams flat? blergh with the ironing)

    It’s gonna be so gorgeous when it’s all done.

    BTW I don’t know if my last comment made it through or not because I forgot to fill in the fields below because the examples were all there and I thought I had already. of course I hit post comment and that was that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t either, till I read the name! Haha
      Thanks, the color choices weren’t mine. Nope, the perfect lines aren’t happening!! That’s why I don’t claim to be an expert!!! Yes, Sheryl IS amazing!! Ummmm, iron seams??? Isn’t that what finger pressing is for????
      No other comment yet, that I see.


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