Quazily Quilting

Okay, here it is Wed. night, and SURPRISE!    I’m not done.   (Anyone surprised?  Anyone????)

Feverishly, I have been quilting.  (Why can’t I find a “q” word for feverishly??   Possibly because I’m quazy, and it don’t exist.   Naaah, that can’t be it.)

Anyhoo, the front is looking good!

front of quilt

Pardon me, my knee.

And the back’s not too shabby itself!

back of quilt

Back of quilt, with just a little wrinkle in time.

The back doesn’t have the same diagonal patterns.  I wanted to change it up some, so it has 4 squares in a block.

Different, but still co-ordinated.

underside of quilt

Here’s the underside. Just had to show off those gorgeous seams!!

And look how perfectly those seams match:

mismatched seams

Oops! Editing FAIL.

Okay,  quit messing around!

Look how perfectly these seams match!!

perfectly matched seams

Aaaahhh! Perfection!

So, here it is :  the back is fini!!  Yay!  Can I get a communal big sigh of relief, please??  Thank you for your support!

Now, I have 2 whole days to finish the front and get it quilted.  Easy Peasy!  Just like Stella‘s comments!

(She’s a fellow seamstress, so just shamelessly plugging a friend’s site!)

SInce I’m off the chain for a few minutes, I’m gonna go get some food.  See ya tomorrow, with another update!  Same Bat time, same Bat channel!

18 thoughts on “Quazily Quilting

  1. Melinda, HELLO:) I’m finally over here to tell you on YOUR blogging buddies how fabulous you are! I am so proud of all your accomplishing in your life – WOWSIE girl. I love this quilt. You are so incredibly talented and the details are very nice. Looking forward to more visits. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

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  3. It`s my first time I`m visiting your blog. I have to say; it`s kind of weird, but in this special way very cute and funny and hilarious! I guess I keep on coming back! 🙂

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