Finally Fini

The amazing, long anticipated quilt:

finishing touch on quilt

Already rounded 3rd, almost home!

IS DONE!!!  (cue music: dun, dun, DUN)

scream of excitement

Can you hear the scream of excitement???

last corner of quilt

Final proof of fini!

YAY!!!  It’s only Thursday night, and I’m DONE!!   {Slaps the chess timer like a Grand Champion!}  Woo hoo for me!  On budget, (only because Sheryl bought everything and gave it to me, but whatever), and before deadline!  That part’s all ME!!

I must say: it’s the very first quilt I’ve ever made that I pieced both back, and front.  Very unusual, but twice as nice!

front of quilt

Remember the front?

back of quilt

And the back of quilt?

I will never forget them, myself!  Once I invest blood, sweat and tears into a quilt, it’s part of me for life!

[Well, not real blood, not this time.   I have sewed my finger with the machine needle before.   How ever did my fat finger fit under there, when I have a hard time fitting 2 layers of material, with batting?????]

sewing quilt

manhandling the many material layers but, you can’t see my hands, cuz I’m holding the camera, then pushing the button!  A very delicate operation there!

31 thoughts on “Finally Fini

  1. I LOVE your quilts Melinda! I miss having the time to sew. You are really making me want to drag out the sewing the machine my friend. Keep up the fantastic work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Carrie! Well, when your kids are all grown, AND the grandbaby isn’t there that day….. lol
      Do it! I wanna see your sewing project!! You already do so many things!! Thanks you! I started yesterday on my sister in law’s. By me, I mean she came over and did all the cutting! lol


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