16 thoughts on “Roopam’s Rules

  1. Congrats, well-deserved!!! Hurrah! 🙂 Loved your answers!!!
    I’m so thrilled to be nominated, even though I don’t accept awards anymore, I’m always still thrilled that bloggers care. Thank you so much. And your questions are so cool, I can’t help but answer…
    —-Barney or Blue? If you have no CLUE about this question, that’s okay. Just make up a funny 1 liner. ===Blue, but mostly during the Steve years (thanks for doing your part, you sure are smart…).
    —-What number comes after 14? Just so I’ll know for next time. ===42?
    What surprise ingredient do you add to your lemonade? ===Lemons.
    —- If you could go back in time, to any age, how old would you be? ===25.
    —-Why that particular age? === I had a great time, from what I remember.
    —-Do you drink outta plastic or real glass? ===Real glass if possible.
    —-Are you tethered or wireless? ===Both.
    —-E-book or print? ===Print, but I like e too, but all those ‘books’ all have the same feel and weight.
    Thanks again and hope this day treats you kindly. 🙂

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