Blooming Blossoms or Blossoming Blooms

I couldn’t make up my mind, which one to use, so I did both.  Ya know, like a magazine sometimes has 2 different covers??  (Yeah, I think I’m an international sensation!!)

Here it is November, and my leggy plants are still blooming!  Let’s celebrate!

pretty purple periwinkles

Pretty purple periwinkles

leggy plants

Here’s the leggy part! What long gams you have!

Pretty purple periwinkles proudly perform.

High-faluting hibiscus hollahs.   ( What is an “h” word for bloom?  Well, Melinda, Google has this cute little thing called a thesaurus, to find out!  USE it!)

High-faluting hibiscus in her heyday.  (How about that?)

coral hibiscus

White (oh boy, this one’s gonna be tough…)  can we skip this one and come back to it?  Thanx.

white periwinkles

white wonders?? Nope, doesn’t quite work.

Mexican (heather) matures.

mexican heather

Green grass growing great.  (Kapow!  Knocked that one outta the park!)

green grass, pipe

Nope, not my yard. But I forgot to take a pic of MY grass, so this’ll have to do.

(It is the canal, at my park, tho.      Please ignore the ugly pipe.  If only I knew how to crop pix, by myself!!)

God grows a great garden!!



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