Totally Tanked

I’m about to totally lose it!   Toilet troubles, again!!!  How many times is that, since I moved in in June???  600!!  Give or take….

It’s a catastrophe, that’s making me cranky, and crazy!!  CRAY-CRAY, I tell you!!!


This is Tuesday night, and the chain slipped off again, Monday night.  DH came over this morning and “Fixed ” it.  By after lunch, it wouldn’t flush again!  Is he “fixing” it with a wad of gum????

He said I was flushing “Too Hard”.   Wow, I didn’t realize the power I was unleashing in my mighty index finger!!


Re-enactment: at sweet friend’s house.  Somehow my originals from this morning didn’t make it thru the wormhole.

 So, I’ve promised to only push with my poor, pitiful, powerless pinky.  Hopefully problem solved!  (I doubt it, but we’ll see……)





Here’s a sad pic of the offending machinism:





This is my real toilet, this time.  What do you mean, “EWWWW”???

Who cleans their toilet tank??  You mean, that’s a thing?  You’re supposed to??  Oops!  I didn’t get the memo!

I’m just so sick of the drama.   Seriously considering installing an outhouse, sans corn cobs!   Off to check the park regulations on that…..


22 thoughts on “Totally Tanked

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