Putrid Purse

Aha!  I have finally de-cluttered something!  Only 1 thing, but whatever!  I have de-cluttered!!


I haven’t been able to say that for over a month.  (We won’t say HOW far over!)

Here is my pretty purse, that Aunt Sherry gave me for my birthday.  (Yes, Aunt Sherry from the porch.  If you missed it, go read all about it!)


Unhappily, something happened, and all at once, all 4 handles were coming unglued.



It was weird!  All 4, just hanging by threads!  All at the same time!!  I don’t remember doing anything to cause that.   

Anyhoo, can’t use it like that, I might lose all my valuables!!  Yes, my watermelon Purell IS very valuable, to ME!!  {Do you KNOW how much this stuff costs at Bath and Boo boo Works???  And it has a hanging strap!!}




So, regretfully, I kissed the purse goodbye, dangled it over the trash bin…


and let   it    goooooo.




RIP, pretty, purple, paisley purse.

29 thoughts on “Putrid Purse

  1. It’s so hard to get rid of things you’ve loved for so long. But in the case of that purse, I think it was a wise decision. It was obviously longing for a bit of peace and quiet in that bin – and I’m sure Aunt Sherry would understand. 🙂

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  2. Hi Melinda,
    1. Very impressive. I liked the link you put in to your aunt’s article. Good job!
    2. I am sorry you lost your purse.
    3. I wanted to wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving
    from your BBFF

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    • Thanks, Janice! Thank you soooo much for teaching me about hyperlinks! Just like you said, it has improved my page views tremendously! Yeah, it was a sad day when I had to sack it. RIP.
      You too! Where are y’all celebrating?
      I’m going to Mama’s in Plant City.
      BBFF, Melinda

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