Thoughtful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day.  We can just sit around with our families, most of us anyway, eating and visiting.


All pix courtesy of Mama’s Dr. ‘s office.

I’m so grateful for my whole family.  My  daughters, DD1, and DD2, and SIL (son-in-law), and PP.  Then there’s DH, and Sweet Friend .  And my birth family- Mama, Brother, and Shirley his wife,  Sister, and her kids Nick, Kristen, and Jaime, and 1 special Ex-Step-mother.

Then my whole extended family, on both sides- Hawkins and Chaney.  If I tried to name them all, I’d use up all my memory here on WP, just for their names!!

I will be with my peeps, eating the fore-amentioned pies, and being so thankful to God for ALL my blessings.



One of my biggest blessings is my home, but something big is in the works there…..   You have to wait! It’s a surprise!  I know, I know, I hate it when people do this to me too!!  Sorry!!

Anyway, as I was saying, my biggest blessing is Jesus Christ, my Savior.  Then my family, friends, church, etc.  Last on the list are things: my home, my car, etc….   Things should never come before people!


Another blessing we all enjoy here in America, is freedom!  And it definitely isn’t free!  Thank you Veterans!!

So, Celebrate!  Be thankful!!  Eat, drink, and be merry!  Most of all, appreciate all your blessings every day.

I love y’all.   Y’all are a big blessing to me for reading, laughing, and commenting.   Thank you!!


Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good meal!

34 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving and I think you are one of the most giving people I know of on blogosphere and surely in real life too. So you deserve a big family and hope it gets bigger each year, as big as your heart is. May you have many more happy and joyful Thanksgivings.

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