Wicked Winter

BBBRRRR!!  My teeth are chattering, as I type this, can you tell??

Something Wicked this way comes….


I know y’all Yankees, oops, I mean Northerners, will laugh at me, but it’s cold!!

Wait, I’ll prove it!


See??  54 is COLD!!!  I had to wear a SWEATER!  and SOCKS, and GLOVES, to drive!  This is serious, people!  (Yeah, along with no air, my car has no heat either.  Joy {insert sarcasm font here}.  Hey, but at least it has an engine, that RUNS!!)


{Oops!  Wrong feet, but don’t you just love those cute knees!}



Proof that indeed, I put on socks, and even shoes!!  My winter shoes, even!  (Snaggletooth voice.  Anybody remember him?  It’s actually Snagglepuss.  Thank you Carmen!)

Sorry, didn’t think to snap a pic of the gloves, or the sweater.

Hey, something interesting about gloves- did you know with gloves on, I couldn’t answer my phone??  True!  I finally swiped it with my nose!!

Couldn’t snap a pic of that, being as how my fingers were gloved, and my nose was glued to the screen by the frost crystals….





At least I wasn’t on video chat!


Bundle up, and stay warm, my friends.  I don’t want to lose any of you to frostbite!











36 thoughts on “Wicked Winter

  1. Um … you don’t REALLY know what cold is Melinda. When we have 54 we wear shorts up here in the north. You should come and then when you get back to Florida you’ll feel warm!

    I remember “Snagglepuss”? 🙂 Is Snaggletooth his brother?

    Stay warm my dear!

    ❤ carmen

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  2. LOL I feel your coldness! We are in Palm Desert for the week. They were expecting some cold weather too. I went to Macy’s to purchase a sweater “because it will be getting cold in a few days” The lady in line behind me LAUGHED AT ME!! She was from Canada “you don’t know cold” comment came from her mouth! Well last night on our walk, the local bank thermometer said 48 degrees. That’s cold in my book! We both had a good laugh at our expense about being cold deprived in our normal life.

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