Ornamental Ornament

We had an earth shattering event yesterday afternoon!!  {Christmas Eve} I was taking  stuff off the table, to clear it off.  And, I accidentally brushed one of the ornaments (GLASS! mind you!!) hanging on the chandelier!

shattered ornament on table

Less than half of it

shattered ornament on chair

More shards

{Sorry the pix are blurry!  I was shaking from shock!  But at least I thought to take pix!!  Yay me!  I’m learning!!  Good slogger!!}


And, I was barefoot!  And alone!!   And that thing shattered into a million shards!   I was afraid to even move!   Thank God, I had my phone to hand!!  I started calling people in a panic!!   No one was answering the phone!!

It was 45 minutes before Sis, Mama, and the kids were due.  DH wasn’t answering.  Sweet friend was at work.  [And he wouldn’t have thought “Ex-wife barefooted surrounded by glass” was an emergency enough, anyway.]

When I called Sis, I was panicking so hard, she couldn’t understand me.  Then, I started down my list of neighbors.   Thank God for Doris!!  She was home, and answered!   Once I calmed down enough to speak English, she finally understood me, and came “right” over.   It was 5 hours!!  (Well, it seemed like it at the time!   In her defense, it was maybe probably only 5 minutes in real time.   In “barefoot-standing in shattered glass, knees shaking, afraid I couldn’t stand up another minute, feeling like I need to go” time, it was FIVE HOURS!!  Trust me!!)

She came in, found my broom, and rescued me!  And scolded me for how I parked down at the clubhouse!  Oh well, that’s the price for rescuing matrons in distress nowadays, I guess.

Here’s a pic of the sole, surviving sibling of the late, lamented ornament.  (Dang it, Dan!  Why isn’t there an “L” world for ornament??)



{Sorry, can’t get it turned right now.  Will try to remember to get it done before it publishes!!   If I don’t, just cock your head to the left.}

BTW, anybody want to buy this killer chandelier???

If you asked “WHY?”  Hello, you must be new round these parts!!   I’m a PURPLE freak!!



Next year, I’m NOT gonna clear off ANY tables under chandeliers!!   I learned my lesson!!



Choring Chair

This chair is hideous!!





I was so excited that the lady left it, but not after I sat in it a few hours!!   First of all, the seat is wood.   Ergo, it’s hard.   DUH!




My seat is so numb…..  and not the chair’s seat, either!



Can you see the problem??

Maybe this view will highlight it better.



The stake’s placements are NOT shaped the same way as my bottom line!!

{Eeew! And it’s dirty too!  But, haha! for once it’s not MY dirt!!   Oh no!   I sat in someone else’s butt funk!!!!!   GAH!!  I think I have to go boil my pants now!!  If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to do that, I’d have a dollar!}

Anyway, Sweet friend solved the problem for me.  Thanks Sweet friend!!

Purple Slob in computer chair

Ah! Soft comfort once again!


(Why are men so Logical??  That annoys me!!  But, I’m sure happy enough when he fixes something!!)

Now, I can comfortably be on my computer again, for hours upon end.

Lol, see what I did there???

Pouting Pandora

Do you have the Pandora app?




I don’t have a radio, and no cable, so when I wanted some Christmas music, I remembered my friend Sheryl told me about Pandora.   It’s free!!   My price point!!

So, I downloaded it on my phone.  And it was easy to do.

But, boy!   “She ”  is so tempermental and demanding!!   You have to stroke her, and “like” her every 2 minutes, or she goes off and pouts!   Hey, Pandora,  I have a life!   I just want some music, and I want it now!   I don’t have time to maintain your emotional well being!!   Tending to my own is more than a full time job!!

But, it’s the price of free, I guess.   You get what you pay for!!

And I have Christmas music on demand!    {Just at the expense of my pointer finger, but whatever!   Is there a condition known as “phone finger”???   Well, there is now!}


Mighty Mite

PP (my 2 year old grand daughter) is a Mighty Mite!  Last week, she saw all the “pwesents” in her room, and kept bringing them to the tree, as many as she could load in her arms, at once!   “Heaby”, she’d say.

Such a good helper!   Then, Christmas morning, after we gathered up all the trash, which she helped with, she carried 2 bags of trash out!!  Not at once, but it wasn’t for lack of trying!!  That really was too “heaby”, even for her super strength!!


And there it sits to this day, (Saturday 26th).  Let’s hope since Monday is trash day, that’ll be gone by then!!  {Hope springs eternal!}


I love that baby!!

pink new born baby

Sweetest thing on earth!

Unfortunately, not the real PP.  DD1 has a “No web exposure” rule.  And after hearing some scary stories, I abide by it.  Even though I’d LOVE to show her to y’all!!   She is really is the prettiest baby on earth!!   Not that I’m prejudiced at all!!




She will always be first in my heart, since she’s the first grand.  That doesn’t mean I won’t love PP Jr just as much when s/he gets here in April!!

Merry “Christ”mas

Merry Christmas to all!!

Here is what Christmas is all about:


Photo: Andreas Praefcke

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior which is Christ the Lord.”     Luke 2:11   New Testament   Holy Bible

Everything else is just fluff.  Fun fluff!  But just fluff.

Enjoy your Christmas time, and I hope you celebrate Jesus Christ the Lord.


This pretty tree is from my friend, Thumbup.  Thanks, Thumbup!




Presents Present

Here’s my present situation, at 2 pm, on Tuesday, December 22.

Harvest 014

Harvest 013

Not sure if I have enough yet.  Maybe 1 more trip to the store??

What’s that?  Oh, those over there??   Yeah, I forgot those.

Harvest 012

And those in the closet??   Yeah, I forgot those too.



And, oh yeah, the ones on the PP’s dresser??  Yeah…..


That box by the dining table??  What??  I have still more??

Harvest 011

Maybe I’m good…..

(I know I go a little crazy overboard, but hey, I love my family!!   And shopping!!!)

Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

Let’s celebrate His birth, by giving presents.   What can I give Him?   All I have I give to Him, myself.


Nicole’s Nemesis

Nicole’ s nemesis is disorganization. And clutter. And dirt.  So… Actually that’s 3 nemesis es.  Nemeses?? Like crisis crises?  Nemesi? Like octopus octopi?  Nemesisulum like curriculum??

Any way, she has 3 major enemies.  (I know how to make that plural!!)

I had her come back on Thursday 12-17.  To finish working on getting rid of her 3 arch rivals.

We started in the workshop, going thru boxes.  We got 2 boxes and 1 bag for donation to Salvation Army!  ( I prefer donating to them because over 80% of their donations are actually used for helping people, not ” overhead”, and million dollar salaries. )

Yay!  And they actually made it out of the house today!  Woo hoo!

Then we went into my bedroom, and tore into it.  Literally!  We decided 1 of the built-in dressers needed to go, to make space for my new ( to me!) computer armoire.  Does anybody really ever NEED 2 dressers??  Not me!  I don’t have enough folding clothes to fill up the 8 drawers I have left in the other built-in!

So, handyman DH was called in action.  His he-man muscles were put to the test.

Here’s the proof:

mitch takes out dresser

Flex those he-man muscles, DH!


Now, how my “home office” looks!

c pp 322

Well, you can’t see the filing cabinet to the right, but that’s the finishing touch!


Then, we decimated, (and by we, I mean DH!!!) the left closet to make a sewing “room”.   What an excellent use of space!   Thanks, Nicole!!

closed closet door

Left closet as it was.

In progress:

closet under deconstruction

Master carpenter at work! Closet under deconstruction.

Ta Da!!

New sewing room!

c pp 319


The mirror, the bins, and the idea- all Nicole!!  She is SO worth the money!!   If you live in central Florida, hire her!  You’ll never regret it!

Ok, commercial over, back to our regularly scheduled post.



My room makes my heart sing!!   It’s all new, and ALL MINE!!


Complimentary Computer

No, the computer wasn’t whispering nice things in my ears!  It was free!  

WHAT?????   Yes!   The owner left a whole working computer!!  (minus the mouse.   No big deal!   I found one in the neighbor’s cat’s mouth.   So, we’re all good there.)


(No, he really didn’t appreciate me taking it away, either!!)

Y’all, it’s crazy how much stuff this lady left!   Even a vacuum!   Which Mama needed, so that was great!   

And ya know I needed my own computer, since I always had to go over to Sweet friend‘s to use his.

c pp 322


So, God heard my prayer, and here it is!    All set up beautifully in my new home office.   More on that later.


A few days later, a cable guy came by to get the boxes that were supposed to be turned in from owner.   I didn’t know about them.  (Later he double checked his paperwork, and she had turned them in.)

face palm




Anyway, one of my neighbors was chatting to him, and asked if I had cable.  No.    Well, it turns out said neighbor is a contractor for the cable company.   He got me a fantastic deal!   And for nothing other than a 6 pck of Coke!!

When Sweet friend, and DD1 came over to use the computer, the first time, they were both JEALOUS!!!   Mine is faster than theirs, for less!!

Thanks, Neighbor!!

So, now I can sit in the comfort of my own room, writing y’all.   In my pjs!!

Yip, yip, yurray!!

And thanks, lady!!

And thanks, computer, for all the sweet nothings!!

So, Sew Sew

So, you know my old machine, sewing that is.  {I’m hearing the “Beverly Hills Hillbillys ” theme music right there.}


Not changed at all


And, it was on top of an old brown sewing machine table, that my Sis found on the side of the road.  And I was so happy that she thought of me, and got it!   Because formerly, I was sewing on the dining room table.  

sewing on dining room table

Me sewing industriously


And when that went away, I was seriously hurting for a sewing table!   Sis to the rescue!!    Thanks, Michelle!!

Anyway, when I moved here to this newest “new” place, there was a white table, that looked like a sewing table, but I didn’t pay it any mind.   But then Mama got curious, and opened.   What to her wondering eyes should appear, but another sewing machine!!   I couldn’t believe it!   Around every corner, it seems, I find more stuff the former owner left.    I am BLESSED!!

(The furniture, all the Christmas stuff, a TENS unit {not sure if I’m spelling that right, too lazy to check it.}, clothes, canning jars, and now this!!)

c pp 319


And the chair was here too.


So, sew sew!   (like “Mush, mush!” to the huskies!!)



I feel like the lady paid me to buy this place, almost!!


Beall’s Big Bang

I have a new fave store!  Well, department store, that is! Publix will always reign supreme, as the BEST grocery store in the universe!!!



is a uniquely Florida store.  I do believe everything in it has either a Gator, fish, flamingo, parrot or starfish on it!   lol

Anyway, last Tuesday, I talked DH into taking me, since I needed a wheelchair pusher.  (My scooter had a broken leg.)  And, while we were there, I convinced him to open a charge account.  Totally innocently!!   I didn’t even remember that you got an automatic EXTRA 20% for that!  (Well, ok, I lied.  I totally remembered, and that’s why I charmed him into it!!)

Since it was Tuesday, I automatically got the 15% old geezer discount!   Sometimes it pays to be old mature.

So, that was 20%, on top of the 15%, AND clearance was an additional 50% off!!!!

Can you say JACKPOT????

My purchases rang up as $300.  DH nearly stroked out!   But, I gave him mouth to mouth, and said “Wait!!”

The final total was $99 and change!   Yes, I did my happy dance!!   I also required him to bow down, and crown me “Queen of the Excellent Shoppers!”


(Why can’t I find a purple crown when I want one??   Maybe because I’m too impatient to look longer than 30 seconds???  Nah, that can’t be it.)


I can’t show what I bought, cuz some of the recipients read this blog!   Shhh!!