Sloppy Slipping

Sorry there was no post Tuesday.

You wouldn’t believe what’s been going on.

No?? Do tell!

Well, ok so I moved Sunday, and Monday the rest of the story stuff was brought over.   Then, at midnight, just as I was laying my weary head to rest, my sister called in a panic.

“Raw sewage is backing up in both bathrooms!  The toxic fumes are so bad, I really think we’ll die in our sleep!”

” Get out!!  Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just get over here!”  Thankfully, I now had a whole empty place to offer to them!  

So, I called DH, woke him up and begged for help.  We gathered linens, and the 3 spare mattresses I have, (THREE!!!  One is PP‘s, so crib size, but still!!)  and went over and turned on the airs.

The only thing I didn’t count on, was her bringing the dog.  Remember that huge beast??  Yeah, and my park has a no dog rule.  So, this morning there was an ugly tempest in a teapot with the neighbors, then a nasty comment on FB.   I deleted the comment,and apologized in a private message.  

What were they supposed to do, in the middle of the night??   Fleeing in fear of their lives???

So, no dog tonight, and all is well…

What do you do with your spare house??

13 thoughts on “Sloppy Slipping

  1. I feel your weariness and am so sorry your sister had a mess to clean up. You were a good sister to help and rescue her. Take care and I will be back (almost like the Terminator’s voice 🙂 in my head.)

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