Library Legacy

So, here I am in my newest “new” place!  I love it even more than my “old” new place!!  (Extra bonus- another place to purpelize!!)

And the owner blessed me with so many things left behind!!

Here’s a biggie:


I’ve always wanted a library in my house!!  Now, I’ve got it!!  For free!!  (Gift with purchase!)

I’ll even read some of them!  There was a “The Power of a Praying Woman”, by Stormie O’Martian.  Very excited by that one.   Prayer is a powerful weapon, in our Christian arsenal.

And 6 “Amish” books.  Love those!

A half shelf full of cookbooks.  Eeks!  Not those!!  I don’t wanna do the “C” word anymore!!!!!!!!

Then other assorted novels that I will donate.  Yay, me!!  More de-cluttering!!!!


{This box was packed by PP personally!  She loved throwing the books off the shelves into boxes!  And I loved the help!}

box of books

So was this one. She loves to help!!




De-cluttering is a good thing!



32 thoughts on “Library Legacy

  1. Oh Melinda, Come declutter for me please!!! I’m never getting to anything with blogging. How do you accomplish all you do? You are amazing and I LOVE your bookshelf. You’ll get more, I promise, lol.

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