Nicole’s Nice

I finally had a few coins jingling in my pockets, so I was able to hire Nicole Ramer from OrganizedByNicole  to come clean and organize for me.   The cleaning took most of her time.   (Hi, remember me, PurpleSlob??)

She is running a special for Polk County, $25 an hour for cleaning.  She just added that to her menu of services.  And, she doesn’t use harsh chemicals!   Baking soda, vinegar, Dawn, and lemon essential oil.  The house smelled so pretty!   It fooled me into thinking she had snuck behind my back, and squooze fresh lemons, and made lemonade!!



Alas, she had not.  😦

But, it was a good fantasy while it lasted!!

Anyway, this is how you know you’ve had an organizer clean your bathroom:




Did I mention that I LOVE HER????

She knows how to take of the important things FIRST!! lol

Tune in next week, to see what other miracles she performs!!

21 thoughts on “Nicole’s Nice

  1. You’re so sweet! Most people cringe at the thought of cleaning their house with vinegar, due to the smell. Thank you for being open minded about the addition of lemon essential oil! 🙂 ~Nicole, Organized by Nicole

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