Nother Nicole Night

(Actually it was a day, but that didn’t alliterate, so it couldn’t stay!!  Y’all know how much I ❤ my alliteration!!)

Y’all, I am BLOWN AWAY!!  Nicole is not only nice, she’s AH.MAY.ZING!!!!!

She is an organizer extraordinaire!!   Just wait till you see the pix!  You won’t believe it’s the same house!

messy kitchen counter

See my secret shame?? That blue!! In MY house!!

Cluttered, no shock there!  But, I’ve lived here 10 days, and the kitchen is still the “B” word!  {Blue}

messy, messy recliner

How could I be so disrespectful??


horrible tablescape

Not a good look for a table scape!


clutched couch

Poor, cluttered couch!

uncluttered kitchen counter

Clutter-be gone!!



{Oopsie, forgot to take after pic of recliner.  Cie la vie!  Trust me, it was completely empty!!}

uncluttered table

Wow! Lookie there! There WAS a table under there!

candy bowl on table

Decorated, even!
[Halloween clearance candy 17 cents @!!]

uncluttered couch

Clean, uncluttered couch!


Nicole Ramer is my Cleaning, Organizing BFF!!

If you live in Central Florida, HIRE HER!!  And tell her PurpleSlob sent ya.  (Maybe I’ll get a discount!!)





More amazingness to come…..







35 thoughts on “Nother Nicole Night

  1. Ya just won me over, even though I’m blue for Kentucky, and almost always cluttered. In my own defense though, I have MS, and don’t stand up well, fall easily, and have had 3 concussions this year. Not much fun, so I keep the things I’m working on close to my work space — my chair, aka, my “nest”. Love your blog, and I’m now following you.

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      • Hey, I’ve had this a long time, and I’m used to it. Wouldn’t know how to act if I didn’t have MS. Life would be strange any other way.
        My clutter is mainly put away now, and I’m going nutz looking for stuff I need for everyday living — staying busy while doing whatever it is I do when there’s nothing to do except do nothing. Can’t do nothing, so I craft things, hook things, turn trash into treasure, and make my garbage into Christmas gifts. Also spend time screaming at my computer when it acts up, the way it’s doing all the time lately. I think I’m going to delete Firefox and go back to Chrome. They just don’t play well together, and both of them are trying to see which one can make me nuttier the fastest.
        One thing you have just learned — I talk too much.
        Merry Christmas Melinda.

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      • Wow, your attitude is wonderful! I know what you mean about computers, to me they are menaces, not inanimate at all!!
        Not too much, I like learning more about you!
        Hooking- is that crochet?
        You’re a smart lady, and before your time with the upcycling!!

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      • Computer have a devious brain programed to attack helpless people who think they will “fix” mistakes made by the helpless person. Hah! Mine manages to build up menacing things even when it’s sleeping, and as soon as I wake it the darn thing attacks again. They are anti-people.
        Yes, hooking is crochet, and I’m the “happy hooker” around here, where I made the mistake of saying that too loudly in the common area at one time where other people could hear me. I don’t think I’ll ever live that one down. Good thing I love to make people laugh, because some laugh just seeing me pull out my hook and yarn.
        As for my attitude, if you had been here a few hours ago you might change your mind about it being wonderful. I can laugh now, but at the time everything I picked up was dropped, or knocked off the table, counter, or whatever it was on when I was trying to pick it up. And I never did find whatever I was looking for. Can’t even remember what I was looking for, now that I think about it. My language skills were a bit, um, lacking in the nicer things of life, shall we say? Easy to laugh now, but at the time things just kept getting worse and worse til time came to either start laughing or toss it out the window. Couldn’t get the window open, so I had to laugh.
        Merry Christmas, Melinda

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      • It was wonderful, but with some limits. My brother was coming to have dinner with me, and our only working elevator was broken, so he couldn’t come up the 30 flights of stairs to get to my apartment. Fell a couple of years ago and crushed his knees, then fell again and crushed them a second time after they were almost working again, so, his dinner is living in my freezer for now. He’s going to try again in a few days. I stood for hours making our traditional chicken and dumplings like when Mom was living (we lost her in July of this year), and also made the dressing, and all the trimmings, and then just called the neighbor to help me eat some of the meal.
        Last night I was on the phone for a couple of hours with my “wife-in-law” as we call ourselves, both of us still in shock and mourning over losing our husband (her present, my former) in October, and my grandson in June, Uncle in May, cousin in September, and 3 in-laws. I’m glad this year will soon be over, and sure hope it doesn’t repeat itself next one.
        Wow, in 30 minutes I’ll be a year older than I am now. I should go take some vitamins and get some sleep, for tomorrow I shop!

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      • Wow, Angie! First-30 floors???
        What a bummer that your brother couldn’t come. 😦
        Homemade chicken and dumplings are the best! My mama makes those.
        That’ s funny! My mom called my step mother her wifeinlaw too!
        Oh, Angie- I’m so sorry for all your losses. Your mother, especially, your Ex, and all the others. You’ve had an awful year.
        I hope you can enjoy your birthday! Life is a gift, even with all troubles we have.
        Have fun shopping!

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      • So sorry it has taken me so long Melinda. Between visitors, after they fixed the elevator, sleeping, and doing the usual things each day, I just haven’t spent much time on the computer.
        I used to walk up when I first moved here, and made the first half without breaking a sweat. Now I can’t make the first step, so things aren’t exactly looking up, but it could be a lot worse.
        My birthday was wonderful, surprising, fun, happy, and I wish it could have lasted a week or month. But, God willing I’ll have another one next year, so there will be another chance. My kids all got here, Kentucky won the basketball game, no grumpy grandkids as a result of winning, and lots of laughs and love all day.
        Now we will be held prisoner by the elevator people while they shut the darn things down to work on both of them, leaving us all stranded at home, or if we leave home, in the lobby until 3:30 pm each day until who knows when. Gave up waiting for it today after an hour, and came home. All I needed was food, but since I have some leftovers, I won’t starve.
        And yes, those 30 flights of stairs add up. Two flights between each floor, putting me on the 16th, with no 13th floor. Silly superstition about a 13th floor, but each floor has 13 apartments. I’m almost at the screaming point now, and if the renovation isn’t finished soon I think everyone in the building will be screaming at the same time. Funny thing is that one of the new people was complaining because he had to wait 6 months to move in, and he has no idea how lucky he is, not having to live here during those six months, with the noise, the dust, all the inconvenience, and having to pay full rent for services we still are not receiving. I have to laugh at him now, because he is seeing his lawyer tomorrow. Our class action suit against the place fell thru but he thinks he can get something done alone. I wish him luck.

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      • Oh, wow, Angie, your birthday sounds perfectly perfect!!
        Good luck with the class action suit, your situation sounds horrible.
        Please don’t starve to death!!
        Never worry about taking time to answer me, it’s okay!!


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