Fine Feathered Furniture

Oops!  that should be Leathered . Lol

Not only did the lady leave the library legacy, but lovely leather loungers, as well!!

uncluttered couch

Clean, uncluttered couch!



Oops, forgot to take shot of the 2 recliners!  Sorry!  Look just like the couch, except… they are recliners.  Lol, I’m here, Capt. Obvious again!



My old recliner “Old Blue Bomb” was shot. And needed to be put out of its and my misery.



I was so thrilled when I walked in and saw these 3 pieces! I looked around in disbelief- she surely will be coming back!! She couldn’t be leaving this!!

Sat right down, reclined and body said “ah!” A sigh of contentment! Butt not dragging the floor!!

There is a little bit of damage on one of the recliner arms.


Yeah, this one looks like it needs amputating!  Don’t worry, it’s just a flesh wound!

But I ‘ve got some material to cover that up in a trice!

Real living room furniture again. Yay!!

Now, how do you dye large leather pieces???

24 thoughts on “Fine Feathered Furniture

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