So, Sew Sew

So, you know my old machine, sewing that is.  {I’m hearing the “Beverly Hills Hillbillys ” theme music right there.}


Not changed at all


And, it was on top of an old brown sewing machine table, that my Sis found on the side of the road.  And I was so happy that she thought of me, and got it!   Because formerly, I was sewing on the dining room table.  

sewing on dining room table

Me sewing industriously


And when that went away, I was seriously hurting for a sewing table!   Sis to the rescue!!    Thanks, Michelle!!

Anyway, when I moved here to this newest “new” place, there was a white table, that looked like a sewing table, but I didn’t pay it any mind.   But then Mama got curious, and opened.   What to her wondering eyes should appear, but another sewing machine!!   I couldn’t believe it!   Around every corner, it seems, I find more stuff the former owner left.    I am BLESSED!!

(The furniture, all the Christmas stuff, a TENS unit {not sure if I’m spelling that right, too lazy to check it.}, clothes, canning jars, and now this!!)

c pp 319


And the chair was here too.


So, sew sew!   (like “Mush, mush!” to the huskies!!)



I feel like the lady paid me to buy this place, almost!!


24 thoughts on “So, Sew Sew

  1. Wow Melinda, that’s great! Christmas presents galore! I wanted to drop by and say I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA, but I signed off last week officially with so much to do (and getting behind after the darn car accident and other ‘stuff’) but I wanted to wish you a very Happy Christmas and that I look forward to catching up with you in the new year as blessings, love and joy fill your new, newest home…lovely to chat with you this year, take care and see you soon! 😉 xo

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