Complimentary Computer

No, the computer wasn’t whispering nice things in my ears!  It was free!  

WHAT?????   Yes!   The owner left a whole working computer!!  (minus the mouse.   No big deal!   I found one in the neighbor’s cat’s mouth.   So, we’re all good there.)


(No, he really didn’t appreciate me taking it away, either!!)

Y’all, it’s crazy how much stuff this lady left!   Even a vacuum!   Which Mama needed, so that was great!   

And ya know I needed my own computer, since I always had to go over to Sweet friend‘s to use his.

c pp 322


So, God heard my prayer, and here it is!    All set up beautifully in my new home office.   More on that later.


A few days later, a cable guy came by to get the boxes that were supposed to be turned in from owner.   I didn’t know about them.  (Later he double checked his paperwork, and she had turned them in.)

face palm




Anyway, one of my neighbors was chatting to him, and asked if I had cable.  No.    Well, it turns out said neighbor is a contractor for the cable company.   He got me a fantastic deal!   And for nothing other than a 6 pck of Coke!!

When Sweet friend, and DD1 came over to use the computer, the first time, they were both JEALOUS!!!   Mine is faster than theirs, for less!!

Thanks, Neighbor!!

So, now I can sit in the comfort of my own room, writing y’all.   In my pjs!!

Yip, yip, yurray!!

And thanks, lady!!

And thanks, computer, for all the sweet nothings!!

67 thoughts on “Complimentary Computer

  1. Melinda, all your sweetness has been rewarded. There is someone watching from above over you. So many things for free- I am jealous too.
    Hope you post much more of your life now- looking forward to a daily post from you now, blog friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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