Nicole’s Nemesis

Nicole’ s nemesis is disorganization. And clutter. And dirt.  So… Actually that’s 3 nemesis es.  Nemeses?? Like crisis crises?  Nemesi? Like octopus octopi?  Nemesisulum like curriculum??

Any way, she has 3 major enemies.  (I know how to make that plural!!)

I had her come back on Thursday 12-17.  To finish working on getting rid of her 3 arch rivals.

We started in the workshop, going thru boxes.  We got 2 boxes and 1 bag for donation to Salvation Army!  ( I prefer donating to them because over 80% of their donations are actually used for helping people, not ” overhead”, and million dollar salaries. )

Yay!  And they actually made it out of the house today!  Woo hoo!

Then we went into my bedroom, and tore into it.  Literally!  We decided 1 of the built-in dressers needed to go, to make space for my new ( to me!) computer armoire.  Does anybody really ever NEED 2 dressers??  Not me!  I don’t have enough folding clothes to fill up the 8 drawers I have left in the other built-in!

So, handyman DH was called in action.  His he-man muscles were put to the test.

Here’s the proof:

mitch takes out dresser

Flex those he-man muscles, DH!


Now, how my “home office” looks!

c pp 322

Well, you can’t see the filing cabinet to the right, but that’s the finishing touch!


Then, we decimated, (and by we, I mean DH!!!) the left closet to make a sewing “room”.   What an excellent use of space!   Thanks, Nicole!!

closed closet door

Left closet as it was.

In progress:

closet under deconstruction

Master carpenter at work! Closet under deconstruction.

Ta Da!!

New sewing room!

c pp 319


The mirror, the bins, and the idea- all Nicole!!  She is SO worth the money!!   If you live in central Florida, hire her!  You’ll never regret it!

Ok, commercial over, back to our regularly scheduled post.



My room makes my heart sing!!   It’s all new, and ALL MINE!!


22 thoughts on “Nicole’s Nemesis

  1. What a great idea for the sewing room! I also like that you put a mirror in there. I’ve seen closets turned into study spaces, etc, and always thought “I wouldn’t want to be in there 4 inches from a blank wall. It feels like a… closet.” But with the mirror it feels like a room and you’re not looking at a blank wall in your face!

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