Choring Chair

This chair is hideous!!





I was so excited that the lady left it, but not after I sat in it a few hours!!   First of all, the seat is wood.   Ergo, it’s hard.   DUH!




My seat is so numb…..  and not the chair’s seat, either!



Can you see the problem??

Maybe this view will highlight it better.



The stake’s placements are NOT shaped the same way as my bottom line!!

{Eeew! And it’s dirty too!  But, haha! for once it’s not MY dirt!!   Oh no!   I sat in someone else’s butt funk!!!!!   GAH!!  I think I have to go boil my pants now!!  If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to do that, I’d have a dollar!}

Anyway, Sweet friend solved the problem for me.  Thanks Sweet friend!!

Purple Slob in computer chair

Ah! Soft comfort once again!


(Why are men so Logical??  That annoys me!!  But, I’m sure happy enough when he fixes something!!)

Now, I can comfortably be on my computer again, for hours upon end.

Lol, see what I did there???

21 thoughts on “Choring Chair

  1. You are such a hoot Melinda. And people tell me I am, but I’ll bet they haven’t read you yet. Have to admit that seat is horrendous, but believe it or not Ripley, I’ve seen worse, and even planted my butt in worse — last chance scenario of course, on the farm after picking green beans in the early morning dew. Talk about a fun time! That one is almost as much fun as herding cattle alone, but only almost. More exercise and cussing material involved with herding cattle when you are alone. You also get to wear things you have never dreamed of before unless you have shared this event yourself.

    Happy New Year Melinda. I’ll probably be offline until next year — sounds funny saying that.

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  2. Melinda,
    As Angie said and I’ve mentioned before, you are a hoot. I mean, these same things happen to all of us but we never see the humour in them- imagine aligning your bottom line with the chair’s – never heard of such an idea. A good chair is as important for writing as a good head- correct. Maybe the chair will be good to do exercises with.
    Happy New Year, my friend !

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