Ornamental Ornament

We had an earth shattering event yesterday afternoon!!  {Christmas Eve} I was taking  stuff off the table, to clear it off.  And, I accidentally brushed one of the ornaments (GLASS! mind you!!) hanging on the chandelier!

shattered ornament on table

Less than half of it

shattered ornament on chair

More shards

{Sorry the pix are blurry!  I was shaking from shock!  But at least I thought to take pix!!  Yay me!  I’m learning!!  Good slogger!!}


And, I was barefoot!  And alone!!   And that thing shattered into a million shards!   I was afraid to even move!   Thank God, I had my phone to hand!!  I started calling people in a panic!!   No one was answering the phone!!

It was 45 minutes before Sis, Mama, and the kids were due.  DH wasn’t answering.  Sweet friend was at work.  [And he wouldn’t have thought “Ex-wife barefooted surrounded by glass” was an emergency enough, anyway.]

When I called Sis, I was panicking so hard, she couldn’t understand me.  Then, I started down my list of neighbors.   Thank God for Doris!!  She was home, and answered!   Once I calmed down enough to speak English, she finally understood me, and came “right” over.   It was 5 hours!!  (Well, it seemed like it at the time!   In her defense, it was maybe probably only 5 minutes in real time.   In “barefoot-standing in shattered glass, knees shaking, afraid I couldn’t stand up another minute, feeling like I need to go” time, it was FIVE HOURS!!  Trust me!!)

She came in, found my broom, and rescued me!  And scolded me for how I parked down at the clubhouse!  Oh well, that’s the price for rescuing matrons in distress nowadays, I guess.

Here’s a pic of the sole, surviving sibling of the late, lamented ornament.  (Dang it, Dan!  Why isn’t there an “L” world for ornament??)



{Sorry, can’t get it turned right now.  Will try to remember to get it done before it publishes!!   If I don’t, just cock your head to the left.}

BTW, anybody want to buy this killer chandelier???

If you asked “WHY?”  Hello, you must be new round these parts!!   I’m a PURPLE freak!!



Next year, I’m NOT gonna clear off ANY tables under chandeliers!!   I learned my lesson!!



21 thoughts on “Ornamental Ornament

  1. It is just that time of the year, Melinda. Accidents can and will happen. Just recovering from one myself.
    Thank God you didn’t hurt yourself, which is what everyone who heard about mine said, so I am sharing it with you. 🙂
    God bless !
    Keep safe !
    Don’t try to be too clean !

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  2. My daughter was home alone with my grandson, having labor pains, waiting for her husband who was enroute. She went to get my grandson a drink, had a hard contraction, dropped and shattered the glass. They were both barefoot. When her husband got home. They were both standing barefoot in the middle of broken glass, crying.

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  10. Things like that happen…and it was such a pretty ornament too. Glad you were rescued without any injuries. Thank you for partying with us at Blogging Grandmothers Christmas Link Party. We’ve shared your post on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  11. I remember breaking a favorite ornament of mom when I was little. She just gave me a hug and kiss and told me to stand still so I didn’t get cut. I remember that now with a smile and not sadness.

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