Alliteration Alley

Ahhhhh! I’m stuck in Alliteration Alley, and I can’t get out!!  HEEEEELLLLPPPP!!

back alley



Yesterday I tried to write the title,” I’ve Fallen and I can’t get up”, and WP auto corrected it to Alliteration Alley.  {;)}  What???  I’ve alliterated so many titles, now I’m stuck in that mode???   I sure hope I don’t run out of alliterative titles any time soon!!   PurpleSlobinRecovery might not ever recover, if that happens!!!!


Literary License was invoked here:  WP did not in fact auto correct my title.  Silly, it’s not an iphone!


Boy, sometimes I swear these phones are alive!




21 thoughts on “Alliteration Alley

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