Kitchen CAtastrophe

As of Jan 8, 2016  this is what my kitchen looks like.

dirty dishes on counter

Dirty kitchen, it’s the dishes’ fault! Not mine!


EEK!  But, wait!  Some of these are from Christmas Eve.  Whoops, that makes it worse, not better, doesn’t it??  My dirty dishes have been sitting there for 2 years!!

dirty chocolate syrup pot

Mama’s dumpling pot used for chocolate syrup.


Baking pans used for biscuits.

Dratted ding dong dishes!!

While I go to work trying to make it sparkling clean, um, clean, uh, reasonably clean, er, not nasty, please enjoy this stroll down filthy dish memory lane.  sigh   I’ve had a LOT of dirty dishes in the last 18 months.

May 4, 2015.

August 19, 2014

November 17, 2015


Huff, puff, mouth breathing….

Phase 1:



Phase 2:


Phase 3:


After 5 hours of forced labor, 3 gallons of elbow grease, and 6 sinkfuls of suds, sweat, and tears;  here is what it looks like now.


What?  I need to finish? [BIG SIGH]  FINE. {mutters under breath} Slave driver.



Whaddya mean why didn’t I completely finish???  I’m done, whether the kitchen is or not!!  



I’m headed to a well deserved nap.  If you don’t hear from me after 15 hours, send a search party to make sure I’m still breathing!  Straight down the hall, follow the sound of the snores.   WAIT, what am I saying???  It’s the exhaustion speaking! cuz I don’t snore!!   If I keep denying it long enough, that makes it true, right??  (I’m looking at you, *cough* Hillary *cough*.) 



Ok, Ok, Ok!!  Now that I’ve had some good beauty sleep, I’m ready to tackle those 2 year old pots and pans.

TA DA!!!


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36 thoughts on “Kitchen CAtastrophe

  1. I can so relate to this. I finally got my kitchen cleaned up a couple of days ago, but the dishes are never ending. I get a load done and three more are in the sink before they are put away. Congratulations on getting them done! I’m moving on to the rest of the house…and it is a mess as well!

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  2. Melinda you’re a marvel. For about 5 seconds I was inspired to clean up my kitchen (lucky for me it’s so tiny i can’t turn around without bumping into things)… but then my cold reminded me that it’s probably not going to happen this morning. LOL. Colds can be great excuses. Great big purple hugs!

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  3. We need to support one another, trade places, share genes…something. I’m your polar opposite. I can’t leave the house until every dish is done, every bed is made, every counter wiped down. Help! I’m a prisoner in my own OCD.
    Love your blog. Please keep writing, and come visit me on mine when you can.

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      • OMG are you kidding? It’s 7:20am, I’ve already made two beds, unloaded the dishwasher, took hubby to the train, got a load of laundry in, and had breakfast. I have; however,procrastinated my daily morning workout telling myself I’ll do it later. Responding to my online friends is so much more fun. Help! I’m a prisoner in my own head. Ask me if anyone is coming over today, or yesterday, or tomorrow. Just how does that aversion therapy work?????????????

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  4. I’ve tried every day (almost) since Christmas to get my kitchen back in order – it’s still not there. Today I’m going to beat those dishes right through to the very last pan. The thing is though, before Nony I would have just let them pile up and try to fix it all at once instead of doing at least one sink load a day. Doing the one load a day has been better then not. Yay you for getting your kitchen sparkly! (I’m allowed to call it sparkly if I want to)

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