Sock Social

I decided to have a Christmas Sock Exchange, because for so many years, I’d tried to have a Christmas Cookie Exchange, and it just didn’t work.- EVER!   (Maybe because I don’t cook, and no one wanted to exchange Chips Ahoy??  Nah, that couldn’t have been it!)

Anyway, I planned it AFTER Christmas, because everyone is always so busy, party going before!  that I wanted to make sure people would be available to come to mine!   (And also, so I could get my Christmas socks on CLEARANCE!!!   Clever idea that worked!)

Christmas socks socks with bow treats inside

Christmas Socks on parade!! Treats!!


We held it Saturday, January 2, 2016.  It gave people an excuse to finally get out of bed!  LOL

12 friends and family came.   We had soooo much fun!   And I’m not the only one who said so!   Mama had declined the invite at first, but then when she found out her little sister (Hi Aunt Pat!) wanted to go, because HER daughter (Hi, Cousin KaLeena!) wanted to go, well then, Mama decided SHE wanted to go!  {Whew!  That sentence ran on so long, I lost my breath!}

Mama’s exact words: “I didn’t want to go because I didn’t think it’d be much fun.  But I was surprised.  I DID have fun.”   [Emphasis mine.   Well, DUH, everyone ALWAYS has fun at MY parties!!   It’s required!!]

The premise was to bring 2 pairs of socks; 1 full of treats to trade, 1 (empty) to donate.   Hey, I just realized, we should have filled the ones to donate too!  With small toiletries, etc.  I’ll add that to the next one!   Which I’ve already scheduled for after Valentine’s Day.

Everyone was so generous, we ended up with 35 pairs of socks to donate!!   Woo hoo!!

sister stuffing socks with treats

Sis stuffing socks. See that bag of candy??


For trading the socks, we couldn’t just trade, oh no!!   We played “Dirty Santa”  or Chinese Gift Exchange.   You draw numbers, and first person is also the last person.  You get to pick off the table, or steal someone else’s!   Quite a few steals went on!   Mama solved the stealing problem, by immediately putting on her socks!   No one had the nerve to take those!

Since it was an After Christmas party, the theme was all Christmas decor, and games.   The cookie decorating contest was a fave!

gingerbread cookies all boys but 1 girl

Gingerbread boy (1 girl!) cookies decorated by party attendees

The winner was awarded a Huge Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Kit!

Snacks were hot cocoa, and surprise! Christmas cookies!

(Publix clearance sales were my best friend!!)

One treat from the socks, got fresh with her “Sugar Daddy.”

Barbie kisses sugar daddy

Barbie kisses up to her Sugar Daddy. Are you surprised that it was MY Barbie? Probably not, huh?

Silliness reigned supreme!


Party here!  




34 thoughts on “Sock Social

  1. Sounds like a great idea fora fun party! I loved all of the snazzy socks you all wore in the photo and the creative gingerbread men/women, especially the one with the bikini! Thanks for sharing Melinda, I enjoyed this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Here’s to silliness dear Melinda! I love the sock exchange. And i love crazy socks anyway. A way of rebelling against all the DC Drab (as I term the way women here dress, usually in black, but in gray if they’re feeling wild…). Although people do raise an eyebrow if I cross my legs in a meeting and my pant leg rides up enough to expose the excellent socks… 😉
    Well done. Huge hugs

    Liked by 1 person

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