Divorce Decision

With a pervasive sense of sadness, I drove to the courthouse, and filed my divorce papers.  

divorce paper

We’ve tried to make our marriage work, we just couldn’t.

The clerk couldn’t say how long it would take to have a court date. So, we’ll see….



Endings are always bittersweet.

Bitter, because I feel like a failure.   This is my third divorce.   What kind of awful person am I, anyway??   (The only saving grace in my mind is, the first 2 divorces were to the same husband.   No one can ever say we didn’t try!)

Sweet, because it will be a relief to just have it done, and over with.   Even as amicable as we are, there is always a certain tension.

So, on to practical matters.  For obvious reasons, DH will now be referred to as XH. (EX-Husband.)

We have agreed to remain friends, so he may still appear now and again.

My name will be changing again.   Not to my last married name, but to my first married name.  Since we have children together, with that name, and I was a Woideck longer than anything else, except my maiden name, Hawkins.

boutonniere pink roses white suit

“Boutonniere-whitesuit” by David Ball – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Boutonniere-whitesuit.jpg#/media/File:Boutonniere-whitesuit.jpg



  My last married name, Sanchez, never felt truly mine.  Probably because he died of cancer after only 2 months.   And being a widow was so shocking, and painful, that nothing felt right.





And now a new chapter begins……

purple new chapter logo

Hey, it says what I needed- (the first line anyway! ) AND- IT”S PURPLE!!


52 thoughts on “Divorce Decision

  1. As you know, I am not surprised, but I am sorry. I thought your spirit showed that you still had a headline using alliteration! I envy your strength.
    Always your BBFF, Janice.
    PS, If you need, I am just an Email away.

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  2. Oh Melinda, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize. There’s suck a rug-out-from-under-you feeling with that; disorientation.
    You have to do what’s right for you before you can do anything for anybody else. Remember that. You’ll get there… at first in little lavender baby steps, then in strong purple strides. Mega hugs, my friend.

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  3. First, please accept my condolences. It isn’t easy nor happy.
    I am not often here, sometimes i read your comments. I think we have exchsnged or liked some comments between our blogs. I feel like I learned something important today.
    I feel I may help a little if I tell you I was considered the “girl next door” and mouths fell open at my last reunion when I said I had been married and divorced 3 x. I think it is better than staying with someone who you are unhappy with or someone who is controlling. There are many reasons why you and your ex didn’t work but you will miss him, in a part of your heart always. I honor this sad longing and allow my mind to wonder, then I do remember the “why?” Because there was a reason… or two. ♡♡ you will be ok.

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    • Thank you so much!! Yes, I haven’t been to see you for awhile, though.
      That does help, a lot!! Definitely, there’s reasons, but we will always
      be connected due to our 13 years together. Unlucky 13. 😦
      Do I call you REO?


  4. Thinking of you!!!! *HUGS* That is hard, but no, you’re not an awful person at all! Life happens, and we do the best we can. I think it is wise to know when something is healthier ended! Praying for good and joyful things for you going forward!

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  6. Melinda, I’m so sorry you’ve had to endure such trauma. Know that you’re in my prayers. I admire your strength and your attitude of friendship toward your soon to be ex.


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