What did I just spend a whole evening doing?   Well, glad you asked.   Separating the good from the bad M&Ms.  

red M&M bag

Christmas M&M bag


What???   No, no, I meant the green from the good!

red green M&M bag

Mixed bag of M&Ms


red pile green pile M&M

“Bad” and “Good” M&Ms


No! I meant the green from the red!


There are NO bad M&Ms!!

Just green is bad for my next party theme- Valentine’s Day.

just green M&Ms

JUST the “Bad” green ones


I need red,

just red M&Ms

JUST the “Good” red ones


white, pink and purple.

Unfortunately for me, all that’s on clearance right now is the Christmas candy.   But hey!    If all I have is red for Valentine’s, then we’re gonna pretend red is all we needed!

And, the “bad” ones taste just as good!

cupful red M&Ms

Cupful of just red M&Ms



Putting them in a purple cup MAKES them purple, right???

(What do you mean where are the green ones??   How should I know??   I’m innocent, I swear!   They were just right there!   What do you mean why is my hand green???   Dang it!   They promised they wouldn’t melt in my hand!!)


Join the party here:     

20 thoughts on “M&M

    • Well, maybe next year enough “bad” ones will survive, to test out the zip lock baggie theory! 😉 I was actually thinking about having a St. Pat’s party too, but someone already commented that 1 a month was too close together. (I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life! lol)
      Thanks, Robin.


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