Numbered Names

What number of names can I use in 1 post?   I’m thinking eleventy dozen…

set of numbers very young

“Very Young”- that’s me! Hey, they didn’t specify that it had to be your Chronological age!!

Jenny, I think it’s unremarkable how your kids file away numbers.   If we all band together, and use the number eleventy in the episodes of our daily life, it becomes a legit word, right, Edwina??

My BBFF Janice mostly writes about blogging. I’ve learned a number of helpful things from her.

Sarah Eliza devastates boredom on a daily basis.   How many of y’all can say that???

Claremary putters around the barn.  Hey, can you send ZuZu to find me a number of mice?  Thanks!

Himali spends her time decoding happiness.   I’m glad she does it, not me!   Happiness eludes me in a number of ways!

Susie is shy 45% of her days.   But, I managed to draw her out of her shell a number of times!

Roopam is whimsical 90 % of the time.  Lovely!

Sherri has a great view from  her summerhouse.   You can see any number of excellent vistas!

Carol was retired, but no one told her!   What a number they did on her!!

Carmen is always fashionable, even over 50 years!   I can always find any number of cute outfit suggestions on her blog.

Ralph put indigo in his water.   Now he’s in trouble!  Apparently a number of blue fish have way too much indigo in them!

Teagan has written a number of books.   

Whew!  I’m tired from the sheer number of names I crammed in 1 post!!   If you didn’t appear, never fear!   I have a number of names left to drop!  And many more posts to write!

(PS: It is with a great sense of accomplishment that I announce, I used the word “number” 15 times in this post!!   Oops!  I forgot to count the one in quotes there!  -16!   And I dropped 13 names!!   YAY ME!!!!)

{If you only counted 13 times, hint- look at the pix.}

42 thoughts on “Numbered Names

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