Eliminated Elephant

Apparently I am just a horrible rancheranimal husbandzookeeper, person!   I keep killing all my animals!    First the cow, then the cat, now the elephant!  (But they were just clutter to me!!)


plaster elephant

Blissfully unaware of his fate.



Whoa, PETA!  Before you arrest me, they weren’t alive in the first place!   Whew!  Had to make that perfectly clear!!

All the real animals from Melinda’s Menagarie  are alive and well, to this day.   (Unless the gators got one of the birds last night.   But, we won’t think about that!)

It’s not my fault that I don’t like animals.  Mama didn’t either.   So, it’s her fault!!

Killing the cow was a deep impulse, driving me to do the dirty deed.   Might have been a mistake too, I’m always out of butter and milk now!

Killing the cat was an act of compassion.   Remember her broken leg?   That’s what you do with horses, right?   See, not my fault!  I had to do it for her sake!!

Killing the elephant just had to be done.  Deaths usually come in threes, so again, not my fault.

Besides looking hideous, he was suffering from osteoporosis!   Evidence:  how easily he shattered when hurled, placed softly into the trash can!

shattered elephant in trash

The poor elephant just went to pieces.



Poor old elephant, just thrown away with the trash.   Good riddance I say!

26 thoughts on “Eliminated Elephant

  1. I always want to take my trash (interesting pieces) and throw it in the lake outside the cabin for an interesting snorkeling experience (during the summer months here in Seattle). I would have loved some of your treasures! But on the flip side, I’m glad you are cleaning up the yard!

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