Sock Social

I decided to have a Christmas Sock Exchange, because for so many years, I’d tried to have a Christmas Cookie Exchange, and it just didn’t work.- EVER!   (Maybe because I don’t cook, and no one wanted to exchange Chips Ahoy??  Nah, that couldn’t have been it!)

Anyway, I planned it AFTER Christmas, because everyone is always so busy, party going before!  that I wanted to make sure people would be available to come to mine!   (And also, so I could get my Christmas socks on CLEARANCE!!!   Clever idea that worked!)

Christmas socks socks with bow treats inside

Christmas Socks on parade!! Treats!!


We held it Saturday, January 2, 2016.  It gave people an excuse to finally get out of bed!  LOL

12 friends and family came.   We had soooo much fun!   And I’m not the only one who said so!   Mama had declined the invite at first, but then when she found out her little sister (Hi Aunt Pat!) wanted to go, because HER daughter (Hi, Cousin KaLeena!) wanted to go, well then, Mama decided SHE wanted to go!  {Whew!  That sentence ran on so long, I lost my breath!}

Mama’s exact words: “I didn’t want to go because I didn’t think it’d be much fun.  But I was surprised.  I DID have fun.”   [Emphasis mine.   Well, DUH, everyone ALWAYS has fun at MY parties!!   It’s required!!]

The premise was to bring 2 pairs of socks; 1 full of treats to trade, 1 (empty) to donate.   Hey, I just realized, we should have filled the ones to donate too!  With small toiletries, etc.  I’ll add that to the next one!   Which I’ve already scheduled for after Valentine’s Day.

Everyone was so generous, we ended up with 35 pairs of socks to donate!!   Woo hoo!!

sister stuffing socks with treats

Sis stuffing socks. See that bag of candy??


For trading the socks, we couldn’t just trade, oh no!!   We played “Dirty Santa”  or Chinese Gift Exchange.   You draw numbers, and first person is also the last person.  You get to pick off the table, or steal someone else’s!   Quite a few steals went on!   Mama solved the stealing problem, by immediately putting on her socks!   No one had the nerve to take those!

Since it was an After Christmas party, the theme was all Christmas decor, and games.   The cookie decorating contest was a fave!

gingerbread cookies all boys but 1 girl

Gingerbread boy (1 girl!) cookies decorated by party attendees

The winner was awarded a Huge Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Kit!

Snacks were hot cocoa, and surprise! Christmas cookies!

(Publix clearance sales were my best friend!!)

One treat from the socks, got fresh with her “Sugar Daddy.”

Barbie kisses sugar daddy

Barbie kisses up to her Sugar Daddy. Are you surprised that it was MY Barbie? Probably not, huh?

Silliness reigned supreme!


Party here!  




Melinda’s Menagarie



The one I saw was soooo much fatter! It looked like a dinner plate! Really!   Ok, maybe a bread plate.

It ran into my trailer side as I was opening my door.  I nearly had a heart attack!  It was so huge, that it made a LOUD plopping!!

Toad- is there really any difference???


They’re both ugly, and slimy too, I bet!!

When I was a barefoot hick, I called ’em all “toadfrogs”!!   I didn’t learn till around 8th grade that they were 2 different animals!   [And how much did gaining that knowledge impact my life???  Not at all, until now!]


Roseate spoonbill- these are such a gorgeous pink.  My first thought was “Wow! We have flamingos!!”  But, it was standing on both legs, so I knew that was wrong.


Then see?? This one is one legged!! How’s a person supposed to know??


common spoonbill

This one is called “Common” spoonbill. Well! Not everyone looks good in pink!



Florida red belly turtles

Florida Redbelly Turtle (Pseudemys nelsoni) at Camp Echockotee. Freshwater spring covered by vegetation. Around noon. Google Maps shortcut to location:,-81.7283&spn=0.001,0.001&t=h&q=30.1531,-81.7283

Speaking of turtle- SIL fried some last Sunday, that he’s caught.  Yumm yum good!  That boy, whoops, man can cook!!  I asked what seasonings he used, and he whipped out like 10 bottles of stuff.   DD1 said “Salt! He used salt!”   Sure enough, in every bottle, the first ingredient!   But, it sure tasted good!!   I just can’t eat anything else salty for the next week, month!!

(My apologies if this is not the exact same turtles we ate.  They were from Florida!!)

Gators- we have two in our canal, a big and a little.  I’ve only seen one, but you know the story, couldn’t get a pic.  So- this pic will NOT be my own personal gator.  But they all look alike to me!!




Blue heron-

blue heron


Again- not mine, but I’m sure they’re related somehow!




This pic does NOT do justice to how UGLY they are!!!

Several kinds of Ducks-

We have the brown ones, not the yellow bills.   And this is the only pic I’m gonna take the time to hunt up for ducks!   If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you don’t need to see another pic of ducks!

Green parrots- YES!  There’s a flock of wild green parrots!  It’s so cool to watch them fly by!

So glad I have only seen them, and not been “baptized” by them!

Rabbits– This one I have my very OWN pic for!!  Yay me!!


Yes, the real rabbit out my window!

Grasshopper- There was one was on my hibiscus bush.

Looked sorta like the bottom one:

2 grasshoppers

Not gonna ask any questions- just pretending it’s a baby getting a piggyback ride from it’s daddy.


Snakes- no pix, haven’t seen one personally yet, thank GOD!!   But DH did chase away a copper colored one from the neighbor’s shed.   I’ve been afraid ever since to go in her yard!  What if it’s a copperhead, and it bites me and I DIE?????

{I’m only thinking of YOU, not myself!   If I died, where would you get your daily dose of purple slobbery????}

Edit:   I saw one more than a year later.     Horrible!!     Read all about it!       Sneaky Snake.

Kitchen CAtastrophe

As of Jan 8, 2016  this is what my kitchen looks like.

dirty dishes on counter

Dirty kitchen, it’s the dishes’ fault! Not mine!


EEK!  But, wait!  Some of these are from Christmas Eve.  Whoops, that makes it worse, not better, doesn’t it??  My dirty dishes have been sitting there for 2 years!!

dirty chocolate syrup pot

Mama’s dumpling pot used for chocolate syrup.


Baking pans used for biscuits.

Dratted ding dong dishes!!

While I go to work trying to make it sparkling clean, um, clean, uh, reasonably clean, er, not nasty, please enjoy this stroll down filthy dish memory lane.  sigh   I’ve had a LOT of dirty dishes in the last 18 months.

May 4, 2015.

August 19, 2014

November 17, 2015


Huff, puff, mouth breathing….

Phase 1:



Phase 2:


Phase 3:


After 5 hours of forced labor, 3 gallons of elbow grease, and 6 sinkfuls of suds, sweat, and tears;  here is what it looks like now.


What?  I need to finish? [BIG SIGH]  FINE. {mutters under breath} Slave driver.



Whaddya mean why didn’t I completely finish???  I’m done, whether the kitchen is or not!!  



I’m headed to a well deserved nap.  If you don’t hear from me after 15 hours, send a search party to make sure I’m still breathing!  Straight down the hall, follow the sound of the snores.   WAIT, what am I saying???  It’s the exhaustion speaking! cuz I don’t snore!!   If I keep denying it long enough, that makes it true, right??  (I’m looking at you, *cough* Hillary *cough*.) 



Ok, Ok, Ok!!  Now that I’ve had some good beauty sleep, I’m ready to tackle those 2 year old pots and pans.

TA DA!!!


Partied hard here:   


MY newest new place!

Finally!  After OVER a month!  Here are the pix of my newest new place!  Just the outside, though.

2 plants front of trailer

Part of my “Front” garden.




purple passion plant

Purple Passion Plants!

purple flower

Purple Flower


Or wandering Jew, as my SIL calls them.







And yes, that’s the official name. lol  According to me.  It is also the sole occupant of my “Side Garden.”

Those last 2 plants are the 2 I most wanted in my other garden, but never went to the actual trouble of getting any!!  Then, God gave them to me here in my newest home!!  God is so good, all the time!!  He cares about me, and my life, even tiny little details, like what plants I like!


Still working on inside!!  I had the living room, kitchen/dining room party ready for Christmas Eve, but you know what happened 2 days later… yeah, slobbery overran the place.  😦   (Don’t ya love how I blamed the slobbery, instead of myself????)

Anyhoo, back to the pix:

Front views:

flag front window

Flag still flying high!







front entry

Front Entry

Yeah, the recycling can doesn’t look the best there, does it??   sigh   Yet another sign of my laziness.


The carport- duh! there’s Captain Obvious again!


Right side:  

right side trailer central air unit

 Notice the central air unit!!

See that scraggedy bush?  That’s the right side of my “Front Garden”.   It’s a yellow rose bush, which can’t be proven by it now!   But I was excited to see it, because it was Granny’s favorite flower!

I didn’t take a pic of the butterfly sculpture over the carport, because it has already worn out it’s welcome, by just existing!!

Boy, am I cranky or what??? 

I didn’t take any back views, because who wants to see more moldy siding???   Oh, wait, there’s a hand in the back.  “Hi, there. Yes, you, in the multi striped shirt.  You want to see more moldy siding???   Ok, just scroll back up and re-look at those pix there!   Thanks!”

Inside pix to come at a later, undetermined date, when I have the rooms back to non-disaster status.   {Please don’t hold your breath.  Not responsible for any fainting you may incur.}


There you go- Home Sweet Home. Again!  Hopefully Forever this time!  [But not gonna say “Never  Moving Again!!  Because that is the surest way in the world to ensure that I’d be moving again shortly.  Not.Gonna.Happen.]


Condemned Cow- Killed

Remember this awfulness?

cow mailbox


Then how I de”faced” Bossy?


No Cow Appreciation Day for her!

Well, death by dismemberment mission almost accomplished!

cow mailbox without udder

1 less piece of Bossy!


Now that she’s headless, and udder-less, I think she can be classified as officially dead.  Yes??


I think her hide would look marvelous as a purple piece of leather!!

Cocoa Cocolicious

Yummmm… I had hot cocoa for breakfast! Of course with lots of mini marshmallows!  Otherwise, legally I don’t think it can be called hot cocoa!  It has to be called “Hot cocoa-like beverage”.  Am I right?

hot cocoa with marshmallows

Hot Cocoa Done Right!

In one of my favorite mugs:

purple grape mug

Wonder why it’s one of my favorites?? Hmmmmm 😉

Don’t worry , Mama!  I had oatmeal too.

empty oatmeal bowl

Key Word There- HAD Oatmeal!

And like Goldilocks, I ate it all up!!

Hearty, hot, healthy way to start the day.

(Since I couldn’t alliterate that whole sentence, I settled for rhyming.  A poor second choice, but ah well.)


Was this considered cooking, since I used a kitchen appliance???

featured pinbellish

Purple Piping

Oops, I meant Wurple Wiping, no, I meant Wurple wiring, no, (getting flustered now) I meant Purple Wiring!  There it is!!

purple cat 5 cable

Purple Cat 5 cable!!

Trust me, it’s purple!  Not like the “purple” recliner, which wasn’t really purple at all.  Even tho it looks blue in this pix.  (Man!  I need a real camera!!)

purple charging cord

Not sure what you call this cord? Charging/and /or downloading pix cord, I guess!

Sweet friend, who does all my technology related stuff, bought these purple cords, especially for me!

Now, you tell me, Does or doesn’t Sweet friend  love me??!!

Having him as a friend is a wonderful thing!

Toasty Toes

I’m happy to report- I can feel my toes again!  YAY!!   Last night, I was sure they were frostbitten, to be forever lost.  Why??  I was cold!  lol  I didn’t buy a space heater when I had money, so now I was gonna die, by way of punishment for mismanagement of funds.

Tonight, however, my brain had thawed out some from today’s sunshine, and I remembered- I have central air! Which means, central heat!!   YAY!!


Blessed warmth!!


So, I flipped the switch, and oh sweet mercy- hot air came out!!

Old people problems- I didn’t have heat in the olden days (a month ago, in the other house), therefore I forgot I have it now.  Duh-oh!!


Alliteration Alley

Ahhhhh! I’m stuck in Alliteration Alley, and I can’t get out!!  HEEEEELLLLPPPP!!

back alley



Yesterday I tried to write the title,” I’ve Fallen and I can’t get up”, and WP auto corrected it to Alliteration Alley.  {;)}  What???  I’ve alliterated so many titles, now I’m stuck in that mode???   I sure hope I don’t run out of alliterative titles any time soon!!   PurpleSlobinRecovery might not ever recover, if that happens!!!!


Literary License was invoked here:  WP did not in fact auto correct my title.  Silly, it’s not an iphone!


Boy, sometimes I swear these phones are alive!