Kim’s Kwilt

Doncha just love the English language??   Just throw any ole combination of letters out there, stir gently, and Ta Da!  You’ve spelled a word!

Kim is DD2.   I don’t talk about her much, since she’s been gone in school for the last 7 years.  

Kim’s kwilt is an old one, that I now sleep with every cold night.   And when I say old, I mean years old.   7 to be exact!   While she was in high school, she asked for a quilt.    So, I looked around, and saw flannel sheets that I had stopped using, cuz they were too hot.  (She needed a heavy quilt since she was going to college in WV.   Go, Mountaineers!)    So, I grabbed an old worn out comforter, sandwiched it in between the sheets, and voila!! A recycled fabric quilt!!   (Isn’t that the definition of a quilt???   Used to be anyway.)   I even went to the extra step of appliquing her name on it.

Kim name appliqued on quilt

The quilt is navy blue, and her name is actually purple. Even tho it doesn’t look like it.


So, I was so proud of myself, when I presented it to her that Christmas!    

And THEN, she had the NERVE to not like it!!

She said “EWWW, it’s made outta old sheets.   Yuck!”

Ummmm, hel-ler, that’s ALL Granny’s quilts used to be made out of, old clothes and such!!   And of course, washing stuff doesn’t get it clean at all.

Anyway, she then proceeded to present me with a bag of her old T-shirts, and asked me to make a memory quilt outta them.  

bag of old T shirts

Apparently old T-shirts are not as yucky as old sheets. Who knew??

(And They were new????   Whatever.    eye roll)   Kim asked me to have them quilted by the time she graduated from college, a dead line which was 4 years away.    (I’ll leave it to your imagination, whether or not I met that deadline.     Umm, hint: NOT.)

So, here it is her THIRD graduation, (high school, college, now medical school-she’s gonna be an eye doctor!!  Woo hoo!!!)  and her T-shirt kwilt ain’t done.    And her graduation ceremony is May 20th.    Yeah, as in only four months away!!

So back to being chained to my sewing machine!!!   I already have a long quilt queue, Shirley’s, ( which is only 15 months long in the making now), PP’s, PPJr’s, and now Kim’s.    Actually, Kim’s should be first in line, since I was supposed to have it done 7 years ago!!!    Priorities, Melinda, priorities!!

Okay, okay!   No more time to waste, sitting here chatting with you!!!  Go go, gadget!!!   I wish I had a sewing machine arm, I could switch out!   Wouldn’t that be the coolest???    {gets lost in a Professor Gadget-like daydream for hours…..}


20 thoughts on “Kim’s Kwilt

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  16. Its like my crochet project. I started a crochet blanket for her when she was a baby and now she is 2 years old.
    But thank God you got it done- now will she move back to your town or continue in WV ?I am so proud of your daughter and you too !

    Liked by 1 person

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