major minimalist

Today I feel like bragging on myself.   Celebrating, even!    Nominating myself for an award maybe!

In at least 1 area I am a major minimalist. Wait- isn’t that an oxymoron??

Where was I? Oh yeah, major minimalist.  In the area of footwear, I am that double “m” phrase.

I only own 1 pr slippers, purple naturally!

quilted purple slippers on my feet

Quilted, warm!!


1 pr crocs for everyday wear. And I do mean everyday!  I wear them every where, even church.

purple Crocs

Comfy purple Crocs

(Of course I got them on sale!   With a coupon too!)


Then I have 1 pr closed toe black leather shoes.  For snow boots!! Lol

black closed toe leather shoes

Gotta be FRIGID to drag out these puppies!


I hardly ever break those out any more. Maybe for a funeral.  Except Jeffery’s.    The dress code was purple and red, so the Crocs were required.  Red for him, purple for Sis.

Don’t even own any flip flops! Cuz that’s what I do when I wear them!

It takes real talent to “fall” off those!   And yet I have. Sad when ya can’t even walk like normal people!!

So, a total of 3 prs of footwear qualifies me as a major minimalist in that area, wouldn’t you agree?


13 thoughts on “major minimalist

  1. It’ easy to stick with something you like! Mine is boots… I have “good” boots (going out), “old” boots (for work/around the house), and rubber boots, for the yard. I do have flip flops, but they’re usually buried under something. And I had to buy a pair of heels for my wedding, but I wanted to wear boots 🙂

    Stella’s comment made me laugh – My hubby has more shoes than me!

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