Hacked Hair Horror

I told ya!   When I went with Mama, to the free lunch for homeless, and low income people, the first thing Miss Betty asked me was,  “Oh honey!   Are you having chemo??”     With an implied, Bless your heart.

4 steps away from her, Pastor Julio reached out to me.   “Oh no!   your Mama din’t tell me you had cancer!   I’ll pray for you!”

Then the red-headed Miss Betty came ALL the way across the room to scold me.    “Why’d you do that to your HAIR??”    At least she didn’t ask if I had cancer!

eyes rolled back in head

    Oh brother!



Since I knew it was gonna happen, I wanted to have some sarcastic zingers all ready to go.    But, how can you be sarcastic to precious ladies who are really concerned about you????   Ya can’t.    So, I just told them the truth.     “It was so long, it bothered me!”   Leaving out the “I-had-a-wild-hair-and-now-it’s-gone” part.

26 thoughts on “Hacked Hair Horror

  1. I didn’t shave my head entirely, but a few years ago, I hacked off 21 inches of long, thick curls and was left with a radical 1-inch spike all around. I love it! I’m never going back. It’s just so easy to take care of when it’s short!

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