meme monday

I’ve been collecting these memes from Facebook for a while.

Now, I just gotta share!!

And, it’s Monday, hence the name “Meme Monday.”     Don’t expect this every Monday!!!!      I’m not starting a series or anything, here.

do all ironing in dryer

Is there any other way??


Jesus does not call us to be stressed

dishes all done! living room a mess

The fun of living with a toddler, or just having one visit her Omie!!


           (How perfect were those first two purple ones????!!!!!)


fat cat on bed trying to gather energy

Me- every day


three pot sizes too small too big the dirty one

Ain’t that the truth??


favorite exercise cross between lunge and crunch called lunch

Mine too!!


Well, that’s enough laughter for today.    Gotta ration that stuff, ya know!    You might get addicted!




Inspire Me Monday linky party


17 thoughts on “meme monday

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