Twin Twist

My friend Kristen C, yes, the cleanie!  made a huge announcement on her blog last Thurs.   She’s pregnant!!   I am so happy for her and Jerrod!   and wait for it…… they’re having twins!!


I knew those 2 crazy-in-love kids before they WERE even Kristen & Jerrod!!    When they announced their engagement, I was in shock!    What???    How did this happen??     They didn’t even hold hands in church.    He didn’t even put his arm around her!!    How was I supposed to know they were serious???

But they have so much in common, and are so cute together!!     After they got married, I started praying for them to have a baby.    When Kristen shared their infertility struggles, that gave me the information of how to pray specifically for them.   

And now, their dreams of a baby are coming true, twice as nice!!    God answered our prayers in a huge way!!

Watching this journey thru her pregnancy, and then the babies growing is gonna be so much fun!!

Yikes!    I just thought of something- 2 more quilts needed!!     Relax!!!     I’ll be all done with my present queue by the end of May, and the twins aren’t due until end of August!     I got this covered!

back of quilt pink blue yellow green

Back of quilt, with just a little wrinkle in time.

(Not their quilt, just a previous one I made.)


Ya know what??    If I was really smart, I’d make the baby quilts, just as soon as they tell people which one the babies are, the pinks or the blues.    Oops, I mean the pinks or the boys.    Oops, I mean, the girls or the boys!    The twins are identical, so how fun is that gonna be to dress them just alike!!!     gets lost in a baby clothes buying daydream for days……….

29 thoughts on “Twin Twist

  1. A nice post, and good news for your friends. I myself am not a cutty sewey person; I will let that sink in a bit because people who are crafting, quilting, mendaphobes, never get it. These people, they offer up new (so they think) things I should try; just in case I missed one. So I’m impressed with the perfection of your quilting, a beautiful gift and item to buy. But shivers just crawled up my spine at the thought of making one myself.
    Have a good happy week.

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