Shower Show

Just reread one of Nony’s old posts that you’re supposed to hang your shower curtain to dry- in the shower.

WHAT??? You’re supposed to wash those things???   That’s a new one on me!

My MO usually is to ignore the mildew and black mold, until it has crept ALL the way up the curtain, and I get contact dermatitis from brushing into it.  

mildew on shower curtain

In my defense: I inherited this shower curtain. Oh wait- that makes it worse, doesn’t it???

Just like those those dratted 2 year old dishes of mine.






I’m not made outta money, ya know!   I can’t afford to replace that thing every month!   (Even tho I totally buy them at the dollar store!)

But washing it, and hanging it back up to dry- huh.   Who woulda thunk??

(Even though, I’m pretty sure this is what Mama did, now that I stop and think about it, because when I lived at home, our shower curtain was never dirty.   (Or any other space in our house!!   Mama was a real live Cleanie!!!)  (And I was allergic.  Not to her, just to being a Cleanie.)

So, will have to ponder on this some more…..  until the mildew  has turned into a living entity, and strangled me in the shower, probably….    When that happens, that’ll show me!     I shoulda listened to Nony and Mama!!


24 thoughts on “Shower Show

  1. Ahahahaha ewwww…. it’s really easy to wash it, just toss it in the washer with laundry soap and a cup or so of vinegar, and some towels to help provide scrubbing action…. but I JUST finished reading about how toxic vinyl / PVC shower curtains are, so if it’s made of that maybe toss it altogether and start over this time??

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