Melinda’s M*riju*n*

Michelle, Sis, came to eat lunch with me last Wed.  While she was in the bathroom, washing her hands, she hollered called, “Hey!   Why do you have a m*riju*n* leaf in here??”    I yelled “WHAT???” as I ran walked semi-quickly in there.   She pointed to this:

Melinda's m*riju*n* leaf

Wow! Really?

She said, “Seaweed is all flowy, and curved on this curtain.   Do ya see any pointy leaves??”

OH NO!!!    I never gave it a thought, that it looked like m*riju*n*!!    I do remember looking at it and thinking, “Huh.   That’s weird, only 1 leaf, and all the rest fish.”

fish shower curtain hooks

There it is, big as life!



Now I GOTTA go get a new shower curtain!!   NO more delays!!   I can’t have people thinking Melinda approves of illegal stuff!     (Do you think it was a secret code??   Ya know, like those black lantern boys in people’s yards were a secret code for “This house is a stop on the Underground Railroad.” ???)     Whatever, time to get it gone!!!!     One shower curtain and hooks purge coming up!!

25 thoughts on “Melinda’s M*riju*n*

  1. I can assure you it’s not a m*riju*n* leaf which has 7 points. And in this setting it is an underwater leaf with the fish and water theme. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Well, I meant to say, don’t throw the leaf out with the shower curtain.

    ❤ carmen


  2. I’d say get some cheap paint and turn it into a starfish… But since you already mentioned wanting to get rid of it, then don’t let me stop you:)


  3. Thank God you’re not a user! Honestly, for a second I thought my dear purple lady puffs the illicit stuff! Melinda, you really know how to make one laugh. I saw the offending ‘leaf’ and I couldn’t help giggling like a baby.

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