More Meme Monday

Okay, so apparently I just totally lied about not making this a  series.    Well, now that all your unreal expectations of perfection of me are dashed-  we can get down to business and have some fun!    (Besides, with all these memes just sitting around, why would I even want to WRITE a post??    These puppies do all the work for me!!)

Drat it! The very first one I tried to upload came as a picture, not a GIF.    It was so funny!!      Sure hope I can go find it!



horse not pleased with zebra hip replacement



I’m soooo thankful MY hip replacement didn’t turn out like this!  Just my walker!



swap croutons for m&ms

Oh yes! You got that right!! Make sure you include lots of purple ones!!


say welcome really loud when people don't say thanks

Oh yeah! I guess you could say I’m a “Manners Nazi”!!!!


That was one of the completely satisfying parts seconds of my day as a Kg teacher!

Monday sharpening its claws

This one REALLY should have been posted Friday.  Meme Monday,- more appropriate for the weekend- What’s a slogger to do???? Now my brain hurts!!



stop cleaning house. It's insanity

I’ve ALWAYS said that!! Finally people are listening!!




Yada yada yada  (Do I credit you here, Donna??  Or do I just send a million bucks to Jerry Seinfield??)

I don’t have one with yada in it, just wanted to say that.  It’s fun!!


Okay, gonna try to upload the polar bear cub again…..  Hold your breath!


Nope.   sigh     Maybe next time.    Not that I’m promising anything for next Monday!!






































Now that’s you’ve gotten your laugh on, enjoy the rest of your day!!

14 thoughts on “More Meme Monday

  1. Seinfeld used the yada yada thing (although he did yada yada yada), but he didn’t come up with it, the joke was actually used decades before, like most, I agree with The Barenaked Ladies on this one, it’s all been done…I suppose it’s just in how it’s done. 😉 And I don’t think Seinfeld needs more money, he’s good. 😉
    Thanks for the shout-out and hope this week treats you yadakindlyyada. 😉

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  2. Charley loved the salad one. Before we got married we would talk on the phone every night and he’d ask me if I had a balanced supper. For him this meant green vegetables, orange vegetables, red fruits, yadayadayada…You get the picture. Anyways,
    every night I informed him I had a very balanced meal…made up of red M&M’s, orange M&M’s, green M&M’s…you get the picture.It could have been worse….Skittles!!!!!

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