Oatmeal Cement and a Backhoe

Yesterday I shared the effects of my D.R.E.A.D.  Today I’ll tell the tale of what happened when it went into remission.

Okay, so I decided since I was in remission, that we’d let Pudding Pop feed herself oatmeal. (Vewwy, vewwy scawy!)

So, I suited up in my rain gear, galoshes, and an umbrella held sideways as a shield against air born food particles.

kid in yellow raincoat

Enjoying the experience more than me….



Okay, fine, so I wasn’t wearing any of that.  But I certainly thought about it!

Then, it was time to strip PP, and strap her in the chair.

Disclaimer: Not the real PP.

baby in wooden high chair

Baby in high chair



Add a bowl (plastic!!) of oatmeal, a spoon, and stand back!!

AT first, I had to load the spoon for her, then put my hand over hers, guiding it to her mouth.  Then, I loaded the spoon, but let her guide it herself.  After several nosefuls of oatmeal, she learned where her mouth was!  Then it was time to let her do it all by herself.  After 4 or 5 mouthfuls of air, she got frustrated (as would we all!), and I had to load the spoon again.

Once she looked like this,

baby smearing food all over

Nuh-uh, not her either.

and the bowl was empty, school was out for the day.


Dh and I have to divide and conquer to clean up.

1.He takes her tray, and gives me the wet washrag.

2.I divide her into zones for washing.

A. Face and head. How did she get it on the top of her head, and behind her ears???

B. Neck and chest. Plenty of Grandma’s beads there! And enough on her chest for a snack.  I understand, PP, my  chest eats that much too!

C. Arms and hands. Make sure to spread her fingers, and get in between each one.

D. Diaper. Scoop out handful of glumpy goo, from waistband.

E. Legs and feet.  How did she get it in between her toes?

3. DH picks her up, and discovers more goo on his hand.  Really? On the BACK side of her leg?  Did it teleport  THROUGH  her leg??

4. Dh hands her to me, and I get goo on my hand from her butt.  What??? Really??  What does Oatmeal stand for anyway?








Then Dh gets the backhoe to scrape up the oatmeal cement from her chair, and surrounding areas.

John Deere backhoe



That’s how we divide and conquer.  How does it go in your house?

(Re-blogged from 2 years ago.)

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30 thoughts on “Oatmeal Cement and a Backhoe

  1. Thank you, Cindy! What a fantabulous compliment! Seeing myself compared to I Love Lucy took my breath away!
    (Down to business: I forgot how I said I’d pay you. Was it by the quality of the compliment? or per word?
    Your check’s in the mail.)


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