Granny Chaney

Another oldie but goodie I’m re-posting. Enjoy!


My Granny was a whirlwind of energy.  She rarely sat still, unless she was sewing.

Disclaimer: NOT my real Granny, but looks a lot like her! Except Granny’s hair was in braids crisscrossed on the top of her head, not in a bun.  Otherwise, spot on, including the shoes, long sleeves, high neck, and glasses!


By 7 am, she

was fully dressed, down to her shoes (and she had never even HEARD of FLYLADY lol)

would have already swept the porch, and front steps

had a load of laundry in

picked oranges out of the backyard

squooze the fresh juice ( I know, spelling)

had a hot breakfast cooked, and on the table.

Then she would allow herself exactly 5 seconds to relax, (more or less) and drink her coffee.

cup of coffeeAnd so on, for the rest of the day.

Oh, I’m so tired just typing all that!!  They do not…

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