Happy Heater

Please help me welcome the newest member of my household:   The Happy Little Heater!    

red space heater with face

My Happy Little Heater


{baby voice}    Doesn’t it have the most precious widdle face??  Yes, you do.   Yes, you do!    {lots of tail wagging, and that was just me!}

I fell in love, as soon as it came outta the box.   And I could tell by the glow in it’s knobs, that it feels the same way about me.



The cherry red is as cheery as it’s warmth will be, sending waves of blissful heat washing over me.

face on heater. knobs as eyes button nose

What a cute button nose, and bright eyes! That smile on it’s lips is a joy to behold.






That wide smile greets me every morning, as I step into the bathroom.    How wonderful to have such a happy roommate, who’s always so thrilled to see me!     I love you too, my Happy Little Heater, I love you too!

friday frivolity button from Devastate Boredom


40 thoughts on “Happy Heater

  1. Melinda, Can you talk Mom into getting one of those for me? We could do a trade: one happy widdle heater for one cutsie pie widdle baby snookums (squeaky voice: OOOO! Yes, ooo are. Yes, ooo are!)named ZuZu! I’ll even wrap her up and put stamps on the package! Love, Roxie D.

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