Friday Friends

Lynn is such a sweet friend to feature me today!! Thanks, Lynn!!



This is from my email from LynzRealCooking:


New post on lynz real cooking

Friday Friends

by Lynz Real Cooking

Welcome to Friday friends. I hope you enjoy today and everyday! Thanks for stopping by!   Purple Purple Purple The first blog I want to introduce today is purpleslobinrecovery. Melinda is funny, entertaining but also brings tough subjects that she puts a twist on. She is a kind person who tries to see the humor and […]




There was a post from LynzRealCooking, I promise!!   I’ll find it, if it’s the last thing I do!

The explanation from Lynn:

I leave them up until Sunday and then delete them. It is hard to scroll down my blog with so many (10) posts. So Friday and all day Saturday.
Lynn is such a sweetie, she re-posted, just for me!!   Thanks, Lynn!

Purple purple purple

This past Friday Friends I made a post for my friend, Melinda over at purpleslobinrecovery. She is a sweet person and good friend. I take my posts down after two days and she did not get to reblog it so here it is again!

A wonderful blog, a fun person and everything purple!

dinette chairs
Me again:  And yes, I LOVE purple!!

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