Meme Me Me Meme

Here’s some literary funnies for you, and me.

Meme, meme, meme, meeee  (in a singing voice…)

reading glasses, glasses reading

I love this one!!


best of times, worst of times-choose


x-ray book in you

Hope he gets it out soon!

accidentally closed book opened right back to same page



my money says wanna go to bookstore today?

Oh yes!! Please!

claustrophobia fear of closed bookstores

send book advance money

Please let me know if this one works, Snoopy! I gotta book in me too!


how many librarians to screw in a lightbulb

You might have to be a librarian to find this funny! I think it’s hilarious!!


And…. 1 more for the road:


book problem #444 almost finished book, have to bring 2nd just in case

Just 1 more??



friday frivolity button from Devastate Boredom









10 thoughts on “Meme Me Me Meme

  1. These were fabulous, Melinda! As a gal who was a library assistant through college, I totally cracked up at the 645.5 one! And the last one was hilarious, but I must confess, I can’t keep it to just one in that case – what if I’m in the mood for something different than what I bring? 3 is my minimum, if I’m about to finish one off. And our cardinal rule around here is to always bring a book. ALWAYS. No matter where we’re going, the 3 of us each always have a book with us, whether shoved in a bag, or in my husband’s case, in the back of his pants, under his shirt…

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