Laundry List

Okay, so I haven’t done anything in the house so a few days weeks, so you can imagine how it looks!   But, today we are only gonna talk about the laundry.    (What??   You thought I’d tackle the whole house??    Hi, and welcome!   This must be your first time.    Enjoy!    Hope you like love purple!)

Anyway… where was I???   Oh , yeah, laundry.    Hey, at least it was clean!    (NO!!   Don’t go down the hall, and look at that pile on the floor!!   The other hamper has clean laundry too, so what can I do?    Put it away???    Lay down, you have a fever.)

So, here is the full hamper.

laundry hamper full of clean clothes

Yep, there it is. One week’s laundry in all it’s glory.

So, I thought I’d make a game of seeing how long it ACTUALLY takes to fold it, and put it away.

I started at 2:34 pm.   { See ya in a few hours!!}

First I folded PP’s clothes.

folded clothes with tp in foreground

Oh yeah, I guess I coulda moved the tp. Sheesh, you’re so picky!

folded stack of laundry without tp

There. Happy now??

Then, I hung up mine.

hung up shirts

See all the matching hangers?? I can so decorate!!

Then, folded the washcloths, even had time to de-clutter 2 old, non-purple ones, cuz I bought 6 new ones.   {No, I know it’s not the 1 in 1 out rule, but they only  had them in 6 packs- what could I do??

6 purple new wash clothes

YAY! I love new stuff! Even if it’s only washrags! OOps, I mean washclothes! They ARE new after all!!

Then, the towels.

bunched up towels

Okay, so I use the term “folded” very loosely.  Sue me.


Now, for the final reckoning.   I looked at my phone, and couldn’t believe what it said.   ONLY 10 minutes???  Including taking the pix for the blog???    Wow!   Why do I wait so long???   (Yes, the laundry had been sitting there a few 7 days.  And???)

empty laundry hamper

Finally empty. Now it’s hungry again.







And once again, I promise myself to take the 10 minutes to put away the clean laundry as soon as I bring it in.

{Look for another “Why do I wait so long” post in a month or two!}





39 thoughts on “Laundry List

  1. So true. I always think it is going to take years to put away. But 10 minutes is about right. I currently have clean laundry sitting in the dryer for 3 days. This way my room stays clean, instead of having the clean laundry in my room, in a basket on the floor.

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  12. Hahaha You are sooooo me! Only my color is turquoise. And my hamper – only one – is yellow. And I never thought about writing so many posts about it. I don’t need a hamper for clean clothes. That’s what the bed in the spare bedroom is for. But I do time my folding time, and it is about 10 minutes. Good job, Marsha! 🙂

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