Chicken Chuckles

No, it’s not the chicken that chuckles!   Hopefully it’s you who chuckles about the chicken!!

egg rolling across road


egg a day for room and board


chicken with asphalt in toes



chicken car is a coupe with eggshaust


chicken interviewing for crossing guard job

Do I ever!!


chicken suicide by cooking herself

Uh, Bob, I gotta tell ya something….

I know suicide is a serious topic, and I hope I haven’t offended anyone.    But, to my sick sense of humor, this is funny.

chicken "crosses" road and makes him mad



I laughed out loud at so many of these!!    I just couldn’t stop downloading them, so look for a Chicken Chuckles #2 next week!!

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26 thoughts on “Chicken Chuckles

  1. Haha, love these! My mum and dad keep a few hens in their garden and they always crack me up (geddit? 😉 ), they really have their own little personalities. The dog runs away scared from the ringleader!

    Thanks so much for sharing at #FridayFrivolity! x

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