Sloppy Slippers

Okay, so here it is, a tiny tackle of de-cluttering, in my bedroom.   When I started to get in bed, I looked down.

purple slippers beside bed

What did my eyes spy?? Sloppy slippers!



Evidence of my slobbery lay there, literally at my feet.   so, I decided before I got in bed, I’d take 2, maybe 3 seconds, and put them away.

purple slippers in purple hanging organizer

That’s where they go! Good job, Melinda!!



So, I did.    (Even though it took me 5 seconds, including opening and closing the closet door, I pushed thru.)   See what a pretty, purple shoe organizer I have for my 1 pr of slippers!    In my defense, it was given to me.   I wouldn’t have bought it just to organize 1 pr of shoes!!   {My Crocs will never make it there.    Sorry to disappoint everyone who thought now I’d be shoe organized for always.   😥   }

slippers put away, tissue thrown away

Looks so much better! Right?? Right?? Oh, what difference does it make???

Bonus points for noticing the toes.   They get jealous of my head always being in the spotlight.    Gotta give them their due.

Now, I can go to sleep with a clean conscience!    (For that tiny corner, anyway!!)


Good night.

duck snoring

Isn’t this the cutest snoring you’ve ever seen?????







Oh, yeah!   I threw away the tissue too!!   Yay me!!    Let’s celebrate!     One micro de-clutter for Melinda, 1 micro de-clutter for Mankind!

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