D(r)uggar Dream

The other day, as I was napping, {okay you young, single 20 somethings, I hear you sniggering about the old lady who naps.   Just wait until you’re older and wiser, you’ll start to appreciate their value too!!    If you’re a Mom with littles, I know you KNOW the value of naps, and can’t get one for love nor money!}

wants a nap

Bless her heart! I know how she feels!!


Anyhoo, as I napped, I dreamed I was with the Duggars (before the Josh thing).    We were all in 1 huge hotel room, with bunk beds.   Of course!    Where else are all those kids gonna sleep!     I was the nanny, and warned the younger kids not to open the door for any reason.   Of course, one of them just HAD to test the boundaries, and open it.

In came charging a crazy, (in a bad way, not MY GOOD way) woman, screaming and hollering, and carrying on.    Everyone else was frozen in shock.   I grabbed her arm, and marched her out the door.

Suddenly, the littles understood why they shouldn’t open the door!

14 thoughts on “D(r)uggar Dream

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